24-10-2022, 10:22

Does Spotify Use Cellular Data?

Spotify is the widely used video, podcast, and digital music service to access millions of songs and other content. It is gaining increased popularity day by day for its exceptional features. Do you also want to use it

19-09-2022, 08:16

7 Best Useful Android Apps Available Right Now 2022

Mobile phones are the most used hand-help devices. We use mobile phones daily to connect with our family or friends, watch movies or news, and much more. In short, mobile phones have become a necessary part of our lives.

14-07-2022, 20:15

Grab introduces heatwave surcharge in Vietnam

Grab, the leading ride-hailing and mobile payment service in Southeast Asia, has introduced a heatwave surcharge in Vietnam to help drivers deal with high fuel prices. The company says that this is the first time they

14-07-2022, 20:10

Vietnam Carmaker to Raise $4B for US-based EV Production

VinFast, Vietnam’s first carmaker, has announced that it is looking to raise $4 billion in order to pursue its goal of manufacturing electric vehicles in the US. The company is currently developing its first EV model

9-05-2022, 23:57

The ultimate guide to mechanical keyboard newbies

Mechanical keyboards are on the go recently. More and more people are looking for information about it. We have collected keyboard's information need for newbies. Let's check it out!

15-03-2022, 05:37

Top 5 Kinds of Apps for Expats

Our guide to the Best Smartphones of 2021 once noted that a smartphone with long-lasting batteries, extensive storage, and good power can provide enough support for any user’s daily tasks. Because they provide

5-01-2022, 02:16

Square Peg leads $20m round of Vietnam advanced financial firm

Vietnam-based Timo Bank has raised US$20 million in a fresh financing round led by Square Peg, a VC firm that has invested in unicorns such as Canva, FinAccel, and Airwallex.

28-12-2021, 20:44

Vingroup to raise $1.5b via bond issuance

Vietnam-based conglomerate Vingroup said that it is planning to raise US$1.5 billion by issuing international bonds next year.

20-11-2021, 15:54

The 6 Best 43 Inch TVs for 2021

Let's find out the best 6 43-inch TV lines today in the article below!

8-10-2021, 00:25

Review: Top 5 best wireless mechanical keyboards we have tested

The mechanical keyboard is an essential part of a professional computer operation. In particular, the wireless automatic keyboard line is one of the products famous in the office world. If you are interested in wireless