Review: Top 5 best wireless mechanical keyboards we have tested

The mechanical keyboard is an essential part of a professional computer operation. In particular, the wireless automatic keyboard line is one of the products famous in the office world. If you are interested in wireless mechanical keyboards and intend to buy them, refer to our shares below.

  1. Advantages of wireless mechanical keyboard

  2. Criteria to buy the right wireless mechanical keyboard

  3. Top 5 good wireless mechanical keyboards

Advantages of wireless mechanical keyboard

The line of wireless mechanical keyboards is now becoming a new trend thanks to possessing many outstanding features, providing better user experiences. So when learning about this keyboard line, we can see a lot of advantages such as:

High mobility: Unlike the fixed keyboard line, the wireless keyboard is highly convenient. You can carry it to many places very simply, without complicated disassembly. Moreover, the wireless mechanical keyboard allows you to simultaneously use it on multiple devices, compatible with various computers.

High durability: Another advantage of wireless mechanical keyboards is that their durability is gradually improved over time. The materials to make the product are high-quality to have a long life, and avoid damage when bumped or dropped.

Review: Top 5 best wireless mechanical keyboards we have tested

Handy size, eye-catching design: The wireless mechanical keyboards usually have a simple, compact, elegant design. Moreover, the plans are always towards youthfulness, dynamic lines, harmonious colors.

Connectivity: The wireless keyboard offers high-speed and robust connections thanks to modern Bluetooth technology.

Criteria to buy the right wireless mechanical keyboard

Because it is a frequently-used tool, especially for those who work on computers, you should pay attention to some of the following criteria when choosing to buy an excellent wireless mechanical keyboard.

Size and number of keys

For different purposes, you can choose a keyboard with different sizes and numbers of keys. Specifically, if the demand is not high and mainly for office work, then you should select a full 70% keyboard with 74 keys. On the contrary, if you use it for gaming or design, you should choose a 100% full keyboard with 108 keys for specialized work with computers.

Keyboard technology

On the market today, wireless mechanical keyboards are integrated with a lot of technology. And often the technology that manufacturers often install on wireless keyboards will be Switch technology. As a result, the keyboard's sensitivity is high, the keycap is exceptionally durable, and it can also add RGB LEDs to make the keyboard more eye-catching and colorful.

Battery life

The most-used type of battery in wireless mechanical keyboards is usually AAA batteries. However, you can ultimately choose products that use specialized batteries, but this battery is quite expensive and difficult to find and replace.

Brand and price

Finally, when buying a wireless mechanical keyboard, you should prioritize products from big and reputable brands such as Logitech, Samsung. Moreover, the wireless keyboard price segment is also quite diverse. Choose according to your needs and economic conditions.

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