Top 5 best Anker power banks with advantages and just a defect

Buy a genuine Anker power bank right away, which is "storming" on the market today. Are you playing a game, but the battery indicator is low? You want to go out, but your phone battery is not enough? So how to solve these problems? Believe that with this backup battery, you will no longer have to carry the power outlet every time you go out and run out of battery.

  1. About the Anker brand

  2. Is Anker power bank good?

  3. How to choose the right Anker power bank

  4. The top 5 best Anker power banks are popular

About the Anker brand

Anker is the famous leading cable and phone charger brand in the US and ranked No. 1 on Amazon. This brand was founded by Steve Yang, a well-known former software engineer of Google, now based in Shenzhen - China.

Right from the early days, Anker started with the field of manufacturing batteries for laptops in 2011. Then seeing the strong development of Smartphones like Apple and Samsung, Anker officially entered the production of cables and chargers in 2012. Anker accessories always conquer customers with their high quality and durability at a lower price. Among the company's products today, Anker power bank is the best-rated the most trusted.

Is Anker power bank good?

To know whether Anker power bank is good, let's evaluate the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • Anker applies proprietary fast charging technology PowerIQ in power bank products. It supports fast charging and helps present the device to provide the proper power supply.
  • Anker power bank's compatibility with many devices is also an advantage. Users can use it for many devices such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, and most smartphones with Android operating system.
  • All Anker power banks are equipped with the MultiProtect system, which prevents power leakage problems, keeping your devices safe even if you charge them many times.
  • Anker power bank is also proven to have excellent durability and bearing capacity. So you can rest assured when being struck or in an environment that is too hot or too cold.

A defect

  • Because it is a famous charging product, the price of the Anker charger is still relatively high compared to standard power banks.

How to choose the right Anker power bank

Do you want to own one but don't know how to choose? Don't worry because here we will give you some good criteria when deciding to buy a product.

Battery capacity

Depending on your needs to use more or less, you can choose a more suitable battery capacity. Usually, the larger the capacity, the more it can be charged and used simultaneously. Anker power bank currently offers many different models with different abilities, but the most popular is Anker 10,000mAh to about 20,000mAh.

Number of charging ports

Anker power bank also has many types of chargers, from high-end to universal, low-range. Therefore, with popular products, Anker is usually only equipped with a single charging port. But with power banks from 10000mAh or more, there will be 1 to 2 charging ports. And we recommend buying two or more charging ports to use it most conveniently when needed.

Charging capacity

Usually, in power banks, the USB-C charging port will charge faster than the USB-A port. So for fast charging efficiency, 18W capacity will be the best level for most phones. As for the tablet line, it will need a larger charging capacity to fill up faster.

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