Apple Watch Series 4: top-notch design, premium quality, unique features and more

Apple is known as a very famous brand in electronics chosen by many people. Besides, the Apple Watch Series 4 is a line of smartwatches that many customers are interested in since the early days of Apple's launch. So let's go to learn more about Apple Watch Series 4 under this article.

  1. Should I buy the Apple Watch Series 4?

  2. How many versions of Apple Watch Series 4 are on the market? How many colors are there?

  3. A detailed review of Apple Watch Series 4 for easy purchase selection

  4. Apple Watch Series 4 price? Where to buy genuine products?

Should I buy the Apple Watch Series 4?

Every year Apple is constantly launching new technology smartwatch products to bring customers more exciting and unique experiences. Here are the factors that can help you answer whether to buy Apple Watch Series 4 or not? Includes:

  • Equipped with a top-notch design, although they still have the traditional shape, they are updated thinner and more extensive.
  • This Apple Watch line is made of premium quality, with a high-grade Ceramic back making it capable of receiving better wireless signals.
  • This watch line is also equipped with outstanding performance with the new S4 chip.
  • This product also has a lot of modern and unique features to bring users more enjoyable experiences.

How many versions of Apple Watch Series 4 are on the market? How many colors are there?

Apple Watch Series 4 is released in many different versions and colors, giving you more options to select. Versions of the Apple Watch Series include:

  • Apple Watch Series 4 version with improved steel: This version will be available in silver, space black, and gold.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 Edition with Aluminum improvement: This version is available in space silver, gold, and silver.

A detailed review of Apple Watch Series 4 for easy purchase selection

Apple Watch Series 4 is a watch line that is considered to have a lot of outstanding improvements. Here are the details about this Apple watch line, details as follows:

Material, design of Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 was launched on the market in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, making the screen of this watch line 38% larger than other versions. It will make it easier for users to manipulate. This line of watches also has a redesigned modular face with much more complete details and graphics. Moreover, Series 4 is also released in many different colors to suit many styles.

On the other hand, Apple has used the best quality to make the series 4. Most of the versions of this Series 4 are used with Sapphire glass capable of covering the sensor cluster on the back. The back is made of high-quality Ceramic, and they bring a pleasant feeling to the user. At the same time, its elasticity also has the effect of minimizing scratches.

Also, the screen of this copper line is made of Ion-X glass. It is a very durable glass material used on spaceships. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the durability of this glass line.

How about the features and software of the Apple Watch Series 4?

Apple Watch Series 4 is a product equipped with new hardware capable of serving health care features. Moreover, now this product is not simply a device to support sports practice, accident warning, and disease diagnosis. It is also known for its ECG electrocardiogram feature consisting of two electrodes, one located on the back of the watch and one on the Digital Crown button.

On the other hand, this watch also has a tripping detection feature. Apple has improved and upgraded the Accelerometer and Gyroscope clusters. They work to make it eight times faster and more sensitive. These two sensors will play a key role in fall detection, so this product is so highly rated. Besides, the sports features will be continuously updated and improved.

Apple Watch Series 4 battery life

This Apple Watch line is known to have a battery life of 18 hours. Moreover, Apple has also increased the outdoor workout time to six hours and has integrated GPS tracking for long bike rides. Here are the actual experiences about the battery life of the Apple Watch 4, specifically as follows:

  • If you use the Series 4 as a basic smartwatch (see the time and read notifications synced from the phone), it easily lasts two full days and 48 hours before you have to recharge.
  • If you use to play sports without using GPS, such as swimming, it only drains 5% of the battery per hour.
  • Moreover, if you play sports that use GPS, such as outdoor running, the Series 4 will consume about 15% of the battery every hour. That means you can run out of the Cut-off time of a Full Marathon at about 6 to 7 hours.

Processing speed

Apple Watch Series 4 is equipped with the new S4 chip for much faster processing speed and twice as much as the old S3 chip. Therefore, launching, opening applications will be performed faster. And touch responsiveness is more immediate, too. Primarily there will be almost no delay or lag for any activity.

Apple Watch Series 4 price? Where to buy genuine products?

Currently on the market, Apple Watch Series 4 is sold for from $394,30 to $503,83. However, this price will be subject to change depending on purchase place and time. Besides, you can easily find Apple Watch Series 4 in many different shopping locations.

You can order products on the brand's website. Moreover, you can completely buy Apple Watch Series 4 on reputable e-commerce sites in the market.


Apple Watch Series 4 is a product that promises to bring you exciting experiences in technology. I hope this article has helped you to grasp more information about this watch. From there, you can easily choose for yourself a suitable Apple Watch.

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