A detailed review of Apple Watch Series 6: Versions and colors available

As for the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple provides the watch with quite a few fantastic features and many high-end specs. It makes Apple Watch Series 6 the smartwatch of choice in the top 1. The following article will provide a detailed review of the Apple Watch Series 6. Should you buy it or not?

  1. Should you buy the Apple Watch Series 6 or not?

  2. How many versions of Apple Watch Series 6 are currently available? How many colors are there?

Should you buy the Apple Watch Series 6 or not?

Perhaps many people are still wondering whether to buy Apple Watch Series 6 or not? To help you answer this question, let's analyze the pros and cons of the Apple Watch Series 6.

First, Apple Watch Series 6 has a highly smooth interface and visual effects because it is equipped with an S6 chip and Apple's latest watchOS 7 operating system.

Apple Watch Series 6 is also impressed by the feature that actively monitors users' health to detect abnormalities. Thanks to that, this watch is considered an indispensable companion when practicing sports. In particular, it helps users to view exercise data to adjust the time and intensity reasonably.


Besides, the new Typograph watch face brings a more artistic look to the Apple Watch Series 6, featuring large fonts that creatively display the time. So, if you want to show as much information as possible, the new GMT, Count up, and Chronograph Pro watch faces will be perfect choices. Once there, they will provide a lot of helpful information, especially the additional ability to use third-party applications. That's why the Series 6 has a full range of watch faces to display to suit any particular user's needs.

A downside is that Apple Watch Series 6 does not have Force Touch like previous generations. Specifically, iFixit revealed that Apple has completely removed the pressure gasket inside the Series 6. Whatever the manufacturer's intentions, this is still a helpful feature that many people have required.


How many versions of Apple Watch Series 6 are currently available? How many colors are there?

If based on configuration, Apple Watch Series 6 includes:

  • GPS: Smartwatch does not have built-in eSIM
  • LTE: Smartwatch with integrated SIM

Apple Watch Series 6 will still have two versions, 40mm and 44mm, similar to the old Apple Watch versions in terms of watch face size.

In addition, in Apple Watch Series 6, there will be two new wire versions. They are Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop with a buckleless design, providing a more youthful and dynamic look.

Currently, the Apple Watch Series 6 includes several colors such as:

  • Apple Watch Series 6 with Silver bezel (aluminum or stainless steel versions)

Notice that the Silver color on the Series 6 gives a rather classic look. Therefore, it looks pretty great when paired with most of the bands that Apple offers. Silver will be the perfect choice if you often change your style preferences and plan to change the strap to coordinate with seasonal outfits.


  • Apple Watch Series 6 with Gold bezel (aluminum or stainless steel versions)

Gold is a timeless color that looks good with most straps, adding a more jewelry-like feel than silver. Like the silver color, the aluminum bezel option of the gold color will be painted matte. Besides, the stainless steel version will look glossy.

  • Apple Watch Series 6 with Space Gray bezel (Aluminum version)

Space gray is a darker color than silver, and it looks pretty glossy, almost like black. Space Gray is optionally available only for the aluminum chassis (matte finish) version of Series 6.

  • Apple Watch Series 6 with Blue bezel (aluminum version)

When owning this trendy blue Apple Watch Series 6, you will undoubtedly draw attention at first sight.

  • Apple Watch Series 6 with Red bezel (aluminum version)

Like blue, the new red color of the Apple Watch Series 6 is also only available on the aluminum frame version. It comes with a matte finish. A red Sport Loop strap looks youthful. This color also represents a unique style for Apple Watch Series 6 owners.

  • Apple Watch Series 6 with Graphite bezel (stainless steel and titanium versions)

With Apple Watch Series 6, graphite is only available for the stainless steel bezel version. It is a dark and glossy color, so it looks exceptionally high-end in the user's hand.


  • Apple Watch Series 6 with Space Black bezel (Stainless Steel version)

Next, the Apple Watch Series 6 with a black bezel gives it a classic and discrete look. At the same time, this color option looks very suitable and synchronizes with the black color on the screen of the Apple Watch.

  • Apple Watch Series 6 Titanium (titanium version)

Apple Watch Series 6 in titanium is only available for the titanium bezel version. Although it looks simple, it impresses users with a beautiful scratched finish.

What are the features Apple Watch Series 6 stand out?

In addition to the features that appeared on the previous Apple Watch, Series 6 will be capable of measuring oxygen levels and providing timely warnings (specifically below 80%).


Furthermore, Series 6 will also feature sleep tracking. It has the function of analyzing the wearer's sleep, setting a sleep goal (such as napping, resting, or getting enough sleep). In addition, there are many other functions on watchOS 7 operating system.

Other outstanding features of the Apple Watch Series 6 are the compass positioning and Always-on display. The Always-on display feature (the screen is always on display) has always been the "assistant" of many smartwatches. It displays the necessary parameters on the screen with almost no battery consumption. Therefore, Always has on display is a great advantage.

About its software, Series 6 will be operated on watchOS 7 with more new features, improving application speed in terms of software. At the same time, optimize the battery life for the smartwatch. Moreover, this operating system has built-in sleep monitoring capabilities. In particular, it also no longer supports Force Touch on Series 6.


Apple Watch Series 6 Price: $438,83

Lite version price: $504,65

Overall, this is considered a high-end smartwatch with many outstanding features and beautiful designs. Through the above information, you will decide whether to choose this Apple Watch Series 6 or not. And to avoid buying fake goods, become a smart buyer, looking for reputable and quality places.

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