26-09-2021, 07:12

Top 5 Logitech mechanical keyboards most recommended today

Logitech mechanical keyboard is a famous product line on the market today. It is highly appreciated by users for its beautiful design for extremely high durability. So, is the Logitech keyboard as good as rumored? What

20-09-2021, 00:54

Top 5 mini keyboards with design and spec comparison

The mini keyboard is currently being used very widely in practice. It has high sensitivity and durability, convenient to put in bags, backpacks when going to school, work, or going out. So let's find out which mini

23-08-2021, 09:27

Most recommended: 7 ways to take screenshots on computers and laptops

You can use keyboard shortcuts or tools available on Windows, macOS, Linux to take a screenshot of your computer. Taking screenshots is one of the fastest ways to record content on the screen, such as web page content,