19-01-2022, 20:08

The 5 Best Canon Printers of 2021

Canon is currently one of the few brands that can always make a strong impression in the hearts of consumers by launching products of good quality, capable of meeting all users' needs. One of them is the printer. Since

19-01-2022, 20:08

A detailed review of Apple Watch Series 6: Versions and colors available

As for the Apple Watch Series 6 , Apple provides the watch with quite a few fantastic features and many high-end specs. It makes Apple Watch Series 6 the smartwatch of choice in the top 1. The following article will

14-01-2022, 19:57

Top 5 Casino Games to Play Legally in Vietnam

Online casinos are on the rise, and many people are becoming aware of the many good gambling options there are online. Online casinos allow you to play a large variety of different games in many categories, and you can

14-01-2022, 19:56

Top 5 best HP Scanners in 2021

Maybe you don't know, since it was invented more than 50 years ago. And to this day, the scanner has become a popular office device used by many people. This device helps you convert into data files on images and

14-01-2022, 19:33

Mass Effect paved the way for more inclusive games. Although that was not the intention

“It is sometimes uncomfortable to have to explain to people why I had two words from an alien language put on my body,” laughs Evelyne van den Broek (31). Just under her shirt are the words Keelah se’lai , ‘in the name

14-01-2022, 19:33

Major Dutch makers of virtual reality games are merging

Two of the largest Dutch makers of virtual reality games come under one roof. Vertigo Games, the expert in virtual reality (VR) from Rotterdam that was acquired last year by the Austrian game publisher Koch Media, will

14-01-2022, 19:32

Stories in games encourage young people to read more

Forty percent of the 200 young people who took part in an experiment to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to promote reading, responds positively. In any case, they want to read more online stories and one in three say they

14-01-2022, 19:30

Apple should not impose its own ‘checkout’ on app providers

Apple may not force software companies that offer apps in its App Store to use Apple’s own payment system. That was decided by a US judge on Friday. The verdict could have major consequences for the digital economy.

14-01-2022, 19:29

Publisher EA wants to get everyone playing, so games need to be more accessible

Who is the customer of the modern game company? “Everyone,” says the game chief. For decades, the industry giants have been building an audience that now exceeds a billion gamers, but they remain hungry for more.

14-01-2022, 19:28

How the Dutch game industry pulls itself out of the doldrums

Game publisher Martine Spaans is busy, she says via a video connection from North Brabant on a September day. At that moment it is barely a month for the Dutch Game Awards prize gala, and Spaans has – “as someone who is