Top 5 best All-in-One Printers for home offices in 2021

Life is developing more and more, leading to improved technology. Therefore, the old manual printing technologies are gradually being replaced by more advanced techniques with multifunction machines. This is also a challenge for those who want to buy printed products. The following article will review the 5 best printers that ensure the criteria set by consumers.

  1. About the printer 

  2. Classification of current printer lines 

  3. Which printer brand should I buy today? 

  4. Top 5 best and most trusted printers today 

About the printer 

Printing equipment is an indispensable tool in offices or take notes… Therefore, buying products printed by machine is absolutely necessary. 

A printer is a line of technical products with a printing function. Finished products of this type of machine are shown through images or pre-prepared documents. Printing equipment uses modern technology, which helps reproduced images to be expressed sharp with transparent colors. 

Products printed by machine appear mainly in factories, offices, workshops, copiers, etc. The primary use is copying documents, printing papers, box covers, books, flyers, banners… 

Top 5 best All-in-One Printers for home offices in 2021

Classification of current printer lines 

Printers are clearly classified according to the outstanding advantages of the product. For readers to better understand this line of technological equipment, please refer to the following common types of machines:

  • Inkjet printing: Inkjet printing equipment has been used quite commonly since this type of machine was born. Inkjet printing products have reasonable prices, so they are the choice of many consumers. The quality of the finished product after printing will depend on the type of paper and ink. The time to implement inkjet printing is quite long. The cost is not negligible because it often has to change the ink. 
  • Laser printing: Color laser printing equipment owns the operating function by Laser beam projected onto the drum’s surface. The magnetic drum will return to the ink tube section, then the ink is sucked into the magnetic drum. The paper is moved through the drum tube. And the ink is printed onto the piece as a mirror image and passes through the drying system. However, users should consider choosing LED or Laser printing equipment depending on the purpose and needs.
  • Needle printing: Currently, this type of machine is no longer commonly used, but before that, it was also a top-rated product. Needle printing products are designed based on a needle system with a controlled puncture force, from which the ink flows and creates a color point on the page. The dot-matrix prints produced were not beautiful. The machine-made loud noises, so it was replaced by inkjet and laser printing equipment. 

Which printer brand should I buy today? 

There are many models on the market, so you need to refer to reputable brands to avoid buying poor-quality products before deciding to buy. Some brands trusted by consumers can be mentioned, such as Canon, HP, Brother, etc. 


This can be considered the first priority choice for the printing product line because of the variety of models and functions this machine possesses. Canon is highly appreciated by consumers for its durability with long service life.

The operation of Canon printers is stable, giving users prints with clear image quality, color uniformity, and regular printing speed. Canon brand is in the mid-range product segment, so it is suitable for the pocket of many customers.

HP Machine 

HP printing equipment is designed to be compact and luxurious with many different designs. HP is considered by consumers to be a device with high durability, stable operation, and suitable for those who need to use it continuously for a long time.

The price of HP printers is in the mid-range, so it is very affordable for many people. HP is the right product for home business or office. HP Laser printers are chosen by many consumers because of their stability in operation, fast printing speed, and precise and quality finished products.

Brother machine 

This machine gives users good print quality with clear, sharp images. Brother’s multifunction device rarely has problems with nozzles, ink cartridges, or drums. Brother printing equipment is capable of printing large quantities at once with fast speed and precise detail.

The machine has a relatively large design, stable and durable operation over time. Brother devices work with solid capacity and long-lasting connections, allowing users to print continuously for many hours without overheating. Brother is a product segment sold at mid-range and high-end prices, so it is only suitable for large businesses with many printing needs. 

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