Top 5 best All-in-One Printers for home offices in 2021

Top 5 best and most trusted printers today 

  1. Canon LBP 2900 Laser Printer
  2. Brother HL-L2321D Laser Printer
  3. Canon ip2770 color inkjet printer
  4. HP laserJet Pro M12W
  5. Canon LBP 6030 Laser Printer 

Although there are many lines of printing products for you to choose from, if you do not know the characteristics and features, it is easy for customers to buy a device that is not suitable for their needs. Here are the 5 most popular printers in 2021.

Canon LBP 2900 Laser Printer 

The Canon LBP 2900 printer is a single-function laser printer that serves basic black and white printing needs and is suitable for essential printing work in the office and at home. The machine uses Cartridge 303 ink and works with flexibly connected PC memory with Windows 7, 8, XP operating systems. 

Canon LBP 2900 is considered a printer with fast printing speed, saving working time thanks to the new CAPT 2.1 compression technology. In addition, the advanced CAPT 2.1 generation technology also gives this machine the ability to transfer data at breakneck speeds. 

This Canon printer series has a compact design, so it saves a lot of workspaces. Not only that, the durability of the machine is very high, there is minor damage to the ink tube, so you can save a lot of repair costs. Prints of Canon LBP 2900 have good quality, images are sharp and clear. However, the limitation of this machine is its few features, only used for standard black and white printing.


Reference price: 3.690.000 VND ~ 162,00 $. 

Brother HL-L2321D Laser Printer 

The Brother HL-L2321D Laser Printer gives users an enjoyable experience with ultra-fast printing speeds of up to 30 ppm. Along with that is a large tray, allowing the set to hold 250 sheets at a time. The Brother HL-L2321D is capable of printing for a long time without overheating.

The resolution of the Brother HL-L2321D up to 2400×600 dpi produces exceptionally sharp prints. The machine integrates more convenient 2-sided printing with a fast speed of 5 pages per minute. The ink used for printing this device is TN-2385, which saves fuel and takes a long time to change. The Brother HL-L2321D machine memory is up to 8GB, allowing the device to effectively store data.

The HL-L2321D connects to an efficient data transmitter across multiple operating systems. Not only that, but the device also has numerous USB sockets, allowing various document sources to be updated to the internal memory at the same time. Currently, there have not been any negative reviews about this Brother HL-L2321D machine.

Reference price: 2.899.000 VND ~ 127,27 $.

Canon ip2770 color inkjet printer 

The Canon IP2770 color inkjet printer is a specialized device used for places needing to print high-quality color images. The machine’s resolution is up to 4800×1200 dpi for printed images with outstanding quality in terms of lines and colors. The Black and white printing speed is 7 images/minute, while color printing is 4.8 images/minute.

Canon IP2770 printer applies Canon’s exclusive printing technology — FINE™, for the most realistic printed images. The machine’s durability is the most outstanding advantage that is difficult to compare with other products in the same segment. Canon IP2770 is designed to be compact, easy to arrange anywhere in the workspace without losing space.

The product can connect and convert data quickly, so you only need to perform a few basic steps to get a perfect print in just a few seconds. However, the drawback of the Canon IP2770 is that it costs a lot of ink, so you will be pretty expensive with the cost of replacing ink. Moreover, if you want to print documents in large quantities, this machine is also difficult to meet. 

Reference price: 1.350.000 VND ~ 59,27 $.

HP laserJet Pro M12W 

The HP LaserJet Pro M12W printer is a new product of the HP brand. The device is applied with Fastres 600 and Fastres 1200 technology, which prints fast at a speed of 19 ppm. This is a single computer model with basic black and white printing capabilities and a resolution of 600×600 dpi.

HP LaserJet Pro M12W has efficient 2-sided printing. This is considered a highly durable device, less damaged, and has a lifespan of up to several years. However, the image quality when printing with the HP LaserJet Pro M12W is not too outstanding. The image resolution is a bit low compared to other products.

Reference price: VND 2.290.000 ~ 100,53 $

Canon LBP 6030 Laser Printer 

The Canon LBP 6030 Laser Printer has a fast printing speed of 18 pages per minute. The device is applied the most modern advanced UFR II LT printing technology today, allowing it to process information and data quickly. The machine uses a drying system according to the user’s requirements, helping you to optimize energy savings when using.

The HP LaserJet Pro M12W is designed not to be too bulky, so this is an ideal machine for offices with limited space. According to those who have used this machine, the HP LaserJet Pro M12W has a low resolution, so the print quality is not excellent.

Reference price: 2.790.000 VND ~ 122,48 $.

The above article has helped readers have a lot of helpful information about the most modern printers today. Hopefully, through the above sharing, customers can find for themselves a product that suits their usage needs and financial conditions. 

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