The 5 Best Canon Printers of 2021

Canon is currently one of the few brands that can always make a strong impression in the hearts of consumers by launching products of good quality, capable of meeting all users' needs. One of them is the printer. Since its launch, Canon printers have quickly dominated the market and created an intense "fever" in the hearts of consumers. In this article, let's look at the top 5 best printer lines with Trang Cong Nghe today!

  1. Introducing Canon printer brand

  2. Criteria for choosing the right Canon printer

  3. Is Canon printer good?

Introducing Canon printer brand 

After nearly 100 years of existence and development, Canon has been asserting its position in the international arena thanks to the excellent quality that Canon products bring. In the Vietnamese market, Canon appeared in the early 1980s.

In recent years, Canon Vietnam has achieved many remarkable achievements, especially Canon Marketing - Vietnam - a company operating under the support and direction of the Canon marketing group in Asia and the company. Canon Singapore. Is Canon's headquarters in Southeast Asia.

Currently, all Canon printer products are manufactured on modern Japanese technology lines. It is highly appreciated not only for its multi-ray features but also for its luxurious design. Become the top brand choice whenever users have a need to search for a quality product. 

The 5 Best Canon Printers of 2021

Criteria for choosing the right Canon printer 

Have you grasped the ways to choose for yourself a suitable Canon printer line? If not, please refer to the criteria that we share below: 


When choosing a Canon printer or any printer, you also need to pay attention to the device's resolution. Accordingly, the printer's resolution will be measured by the DPI, how many ink dots a printer can print per inch. The higher the inch, the sharper and better the print quality will be.

Paper Tray 

All inkjet and laser printers currently support printing on the legal, letter, A5, B5, A4 paper sizes and have input and output trays of at least 250 sheets. Printers with multiple paper trays will be able to hold more paper, so you don't have to worry about running out of paper while in use. 

The device has wifi connection 

Using devices with a wifi connection is a significant factor because of the usefulness and convenience during use. Connecting to a wireless network will help the printer link to personal computers or other mobile devices to share documents and data with office computers in groups. From there, you can print copies even when you are not at home or work. 

Is Canon printer good? 

Canon printers on the market are currently being evaluated as a suitable device, famous for their fast printing speed and sharp resolution, helping users to solve their work in the most efficient way. Canon designs and manufactures compact printers. To suit any working environment, large or small, without sacrificing speed and quality of prints. 

In addition, for convenience and to meet the increasing needs of users, Canon has designed printers with Scan, Copy, Print functions and paper trays that can hold large amounts of paper. Which helps the printing process to take place continuously. In addition, Canon printers are also designed and manufactured to be low-power devices to protect the environment. This alone is enough to confirm the outstanding quality of Canon printers. 

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