Top 5 GoPro video cameras: Criteria to choose the best camcorder

GoPro video camera (action camcorder) is a product line that many users highly appreciate in terms of quality. The brand possesses beautiful design, diverse filming and photography features. Movies are produced with sharp and vivid images. Which GoPro camera is the most suitable for you? My reviews are in the article below.

  1. About GoPro

  2. Criteria for choosing the right GoPro video camera

  3. Top 5 best and most popular GoPro video cameras

About GoPro

GoPro is an American company specializing in producing electronic equipment. The most famous product lines are action cameras, sports cameras, and GoPro cameras (camcorders capable of filming and taking professional photos). The products are suitable to wear on the body. They allow users to record movies and take pictures at any time.

GoPro camcorders are incredibly light. Compact design is combined with high water resistance and effective impact resistance. Therefore, this brand is often used to shoot action scenes with particular camera angles like camping, climbing, and cycling activities.

Criteria for choosing the right GoPro video camera

  • Choose a GoPro camera based on size
  • Choose a GoPro camera based on aperture
  • Check the GoPro camera's sensor and lens
  • Pay attention to the optical/digital zoom of your GoPro camera
  • GoPro camcorder's anti-vibration test

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