Top 3 best-selling HP printers in 2021

HP is a name known to many technology people for its modern devices to serve learning needs. After a period of launch, HP printers quickly received many high-rated consumer reviews. Is this product really good or not? You can immediately see the evaluation of the top 3 printers of the brand in the following article.

  1. Is the HP printer good? 

  2. HP LaserJet Pro P1102 Printer

  3. HP LaserJet Pro M404DN Printer

  4. HP LaserJet Pro M404DN Printer

Is the HP printer good? 

Top 3 best-selling HP printers in 2021

HP printers are branded with an eye-catching design that makes them attractive to today's users. The compact design of the product is suitable for all different office spaces. Besides, the HP printer operates without noise, affecting the work of people around.  

And with groundbreaking features, you can print to smartphones or tablets via the HP ePrint app or use USB 2.0 anywhere. High controller performance combined with intelligent power management. Applying the brand's latest ink technology JetIntelligence, the printing time will be 40% shorter than other models on the market. 

The large paper tray area is convenient for users when the printing process is not interrupted. The structure of this HP device is simple, easy to use without product assembly. The product's resolution is high, the colors are clear and bright, the print is sharp, and the cost is extremely reasonable. The longevity and durability of the HP printer family and the included security functionality keep your hardware protected and your data effectively secured. Users can set a password on the machine to ensure that the information is always safe. 

With the variety of HP home printing products, users should not ignore the top 3 best-selling HP printers of the brand today.

HP LaserJet Pro P1102 Printer 

HP 1102 is the machine with the fastest first-page printing speed in a minute. You can print 19 pages. It only takes 0.85s/page. This device can print on many different materials clearly, such as film paper, plain paper, large format paper.

The exterior design of the HP 1102 printer in a minimalist, compact style brings modernity and sophistication to your office. The device is integrated with a USB 2.0 connection port, making it easy to use and connect to other electronic devices through simple operations. 

HP 1102's high-speed wifi connection is very fast without the need for a USB port, but only through a wireless network to perform the printing function from laptops, computers, or smartphones. Besides, the knitting company uses modern HP Smart Install technology for this product line. After only 2 minutes of starting the machine, you can install the automatic printing process and complete it without assistance from which software.

Simultaneously with Instant-on technology, the printer can be set to standby mode, shortening the time for users. In addition, the 1102 printer also can save energy consumption by reducing costs for businesses to use in daily work. So when using HP devices, you will experience good quality with modern features that bring convenience during operation. 

The reference price of the HP 1102 printer on the Vietnamese market is VND 2.109.000 ~ 92,59$. 

HP LaserJet Pro M402D Printer 

HP M402d is designed with 2 gray and white tones to create sophistication and elegance, favored by many offices. This device possesses outstanding features of high information security and a fast printing speed of 36 pages per minute, saving users time.

The printing technology in this product line, JetIntelligence, delivers sharper pages and 30% faster speeds than other models on the market. Besides, the printer's ink line is tested and very safe for users, friendly with the environment.

The standard memory of the HP 402D printer is 128 Ram, and the resolution up to 1200 brings sharp images and the best quality to users. Built-in USB 2.0 port connects to smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, so you can print documents anytime, anywhere without being near the printer in the office room. ...

The compact size of the 402D device is suitable for many office spaces, even small working areas. The internal structure is more upgraded than the 401D version to ensure handling performance is ideal for users. At the same time, the expanded inner paper tray can hold 350 sheets to save time, manipulation, and an uninterrupted printing process. 

In particular, the 402D series focuses on compatibility with the manufacturer's latest Windows 10 operating system, where you can set your own Password. The price of HP's 402D printer product line is selling for VND 2.7890.000 ~ 122,44$. 

HP LaserJet Pro M404DN Printer 

404DN has elegant colors from the combination of white and black, bringing subtle elegance to the space and installation location. The device's design is compact, the size is not bulky, so you can quickly move and reposition it anywhere in your office.

Equipped with an LED display, it is easy for all users to control. The product will help employees save time by automatically printing 2-sided ink colors that are beautiful and extremely clear. In 1 minute, you can publish 38 A4 papers, increasing work efficiency.

The HP 404DN Printer can print on many different paper types and still deliver the expected results with modern technology. The integration of various connection ports, including USB-B port, USB 2.0 port, USB host port, makes connecting to external devices flexible and straightforward.

Besides, HP Laserjet Pro also can print any information through the LAN, bringing convenience when not depending on the server. This device is equipped with a large paper tray with a maximum capacity of 250 sheets and a multi-purpose auxiliary tray that can hold 100 sheets, ensuring uninterrupted operation and saving energy.

The 404DN printer will automatically enter sleep mode and automatically receive data and print when not in use. Depending on the distribution agent, the policy and price will be different. This product will have a price fluctuation of about 6.690.000 VND ~ 273,70$.

HP printer was born to meet the printing needs of many office models today. In the article, I have introduced to consumers the top 3 printers of the brand that are selling well today. Hopefully, you can choose the highly responsive equipment to work in your office through the helpful information above. 

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