Top 5 Apple Watch Picks: Smartwatch design and configuration difference

Apple is the most expensive brand in the world today. When it comes to a smartwatch, people often refer to one of the 5 best and most popular Apple Watch picks below. Criteria are based on design, configuration, and Apple Watch version.

  1. About Apple

  2. Criteria for choosing the right Apple Watch

  3. Top 5 Apple Watch picks

About Apple

Apple is a famous brand globally, established in 1976 with headquarters located in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA. It is the most expensive brand led by Tim Cook as CEO.

Apple products are diverse, from iPhone phones to iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, technology accessories. They all possess high-class design and outstanding quality, integrated with the latest technologies and advanced features.

Therefore, every time this brand launches a new product line, they become a craze with long people waiting for their turn to buy. So which criteria are based on when these fans choose the best Apple Watch picks?

Criteria for choosing the right Apple Watch

Apple Watch is very diverse. There are many different designs, styles, and sizes. So how to choose the most suitable Apple-branded smartwatch for yourself?

Based on product design: Each Apple Watch series has its own outstanding points in design and display. Of course, the later versions, the more beautiful their designs are. More features are integrated effectively, giving users a better experience.

Based on configuration: Compared to its predecessors, the later version will be equipped with a better configuration so that users can choose due to their needs.

Based on version: Currently, Apple Watch Series 6 version is the latest product. However, the more high-end versions, the higher their prices will be. Therefore, you can consider the features and configuration with the cost to make the right choice about which will be your Apple Watch pick.

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