Review: Top 5 most trusted Pisen power banks at best prices

As we all know, the Pisen power bank is one of the famous brands in the market today. Many consumers also choose this brand for its convenience. So what do you know about the Pisen brand? The following article will introduce the top 5 best Pisen power banks that are most trusted.

Is Pisen power bank good?

The brand from China was established in 1994, gradually creating a solid position in many fields, including the Pisen power bank product line. Currently, quality products from this brand are increasingly used by users.

To evaluate whether the Pisen power bank is good, let's dive into its pros and cons below.


First, Pisen stands out for its excellent quality and advanced electronic equipment manufacturing technology in the world. Besides, the present backup battery line has a long life and does not damage the battery of the device to be charged. In particular, thanks to the intelligent IC that automatically recognizes the plugged-in device, thereby adjusting the current to protect your device. Moreover, the outstanding feature helps avoid power consumption and provides a Fast power supply with safe charging.

An outstanding advantage is that the Pisen power bank is compatible with all product lines of smartphones, music players, tablets, game consoles, etc. Due to the use of a USB charging port, the Pisen power bank can conquer all electronic technology devices you are using, from there, creating convenience and speed.


Moreover, the Pisen power bank also has many models (size, capacity) to choose from. On the market today, there are many product lines of Pisen power banks with capabilities from 5,000mAh - 20,000mAh.

Note that the price of the product is low compared to products of similar capacity.

In particular, Nissan's management system meets ISO 9001 standard, with 2000 of PISEN's products that have passed CCC, CCCE, and UL standards.


In addition to the enormous advantages of Pisen backup batteries, there are a few limitations. As for the Pisen backup battery with a capacity of 10000mah is relatively heavy in hand and does not have an indicator light showing the battery capacity when charging. However, this is still one of the power bank product lines that are well evaluated because of its many advantages.


Top 5 best Pisen power banks

Pisen 20000mAh Power Station

First, the Pisen Power Station 20,000 mAh power bank has a compact design, a delicate, smooth surface, and is equally luxurious. Besides, high-quality plastic material makes the weight of the charger significantly reduced. Therefore, giving users a feeling of comfort and lightness when carrying. In addition, the surface is equipped with LED lights that show the level of energy stored in the rechargeable battery. It makes it easy for users to understand usage status and battery recharge time.

Moreover, this Pisen power bank possesses the advantage of the Li-ion A+ battery core design: high energy storage density. Thereby it helps limit self-discharge of the battery and is incredibly environmentally friendly. Thanks to that, Pisen Power Station 20000mAh ensures to provide the necessary power for your devices for many days.


Another plus point is that the product is also equipped with two 5V-2A + 5V-1A output sources that support fast charging and can be used for many different technology devices such as laptops, tablets, or tablets. And the most impressive thing is that you can completely charge both devices simultaneously, but it still ensures enough power, stable and fast charging.

Reference price: $21,55

Power banks Pisen 10500mAh Quick Led TS – D290

Next in the top 5 chargers, Pisen prevention is the best present; we can not ignore Pisen 10500mAh backup charger Quick Led TS - D290. This device owns the first 18W clamp-on charging port design in Vietnam with an extensive input line for fast charging PD Type-C & Micro 3A Max with an electronic LED that accurately displays the battery capacity. Thus, making it easier for you to observe the device, a more efficient and sustainable experience.

Moreover, the product also possesses fashionable delicate colors and is easy to hold, providing a safe experience when using. Besides, the Pisen Quick 10500mAh Led TS-D290 power bank is compatible with most fast-charging devices on the market. Thanks to that, it is easy to solve charging problems for different devices.


In particular, with three charging ports at the same time, you can freely share energy. At the same time, with 2 USB output ports and 1 type c port, which supports charging three devices simultaneously, you don't have to wait for a more efficient user experience.

Reference price: $21,47

Pisen 18W Quick Super Mini 10000mAh Power Bank

The Pisen 18W Quick SUPER Mini 10000mAh power bank has an ultra-compact, eye-catching and impressive design. In particular, high-quality materials make the product more solid, durable and have a pretty good impact resistance.

More surprisingly, it is only a tiny designed product, but the Quick SUPER Mini 10000mAh is equipped with 1 Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging output + 1 Type - C port up to 18W and 1 Type - C input port. It is compatible with most of the new smartphones today. Especially for phones running the Android operating system, you only need to bring one charging cable.

Moreover, Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology is relatively modern, suitable for students or people who have a job or use phones. In particular, Quick SUPER Mini 10000mAh is also integrated with a smart chip that automatically disconnects when fully charged and convenient serial charging.


Reference price: $21,77

Power Bank Pisen Pro All 10000mAh, 22.5W

If anyone still wondered rechargeable backup Pisen type well, Pisen Pro All 10000mAh, 22.5 W is a great suggestion. It is a power bank that is invested in technology and design by Pisen. At the same time, there is a combination of quality that meets the needs of fast, diverse use with stunning appearance, lightweight, and ease of use.

Specifically, the Pisen Pro All 10,000mAh has an outer shell made of plastic material with a rough surface, so it somewhat limits fingerprints or sweat. Besides the standard flat design, the corners of the instrument handle neatly in the palm. Moreover, the front panel has an LED that shows the battery percentage in numerical form, making it easy to track how much battery capacity is left. Another plus is the polymer battery for a complete charge-discharge cycle up to 1000 times (used for about five years).


This device has a total of 4 connection ports, 2 USB A output ports that support fast charging with different power levels. Therefore, suitable for a variety of charging devices. In particular, with devices that support fast charging when plugged in, the battery will also automatically identify and support fast charging. In particular, the AI ​​smart chip is compatible with all smartphones and automatically shuts off when the battery is full. The impression is that there are many output ports, so this battery can also charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Reference price: $32,86

Pisen Power Bank 30000mAh Pro Led Power Station

Finally, today's top 5 of the best Pisen power banks is the Pisen 30000mAh Pro Led Power Station power bank. Compared to the previous product lines of Pisen, the PISEN Pro product line attaches great importance to designs that are unique and non-duplicating, and highly configurable.

Significant points of this Pisen backup charger is compatible with all phones support fast charging. In addition, a large capacity of 30,000 mAh Pisen helps support QC / PD / FCP / fast charging and other protocols. Since then, keep fast-charging up to 22,5w, fast bidirectional charger Type-C PD.

Another plus point is that the product supports fast charging and three output ports at the same time. In addition, there is also an intelligent temperature control mechanism, safe without worrying about hot charging. With the possession of luxurious and heat-resistant high-grade materials and accurate LED display of battery capacity, the Pisen 30000mAh Pro Led Power Station power bank has impressed users.


Reference price: $35,62

Above is an article about the top 5 most trusted Pisen power banks that you can refer to have more knowledge about the Pisen power bank. Hopefully, the above information will help you choose the best power bank for your smart technology devices.

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