The 6 Best 43 Inch TVs for 2021

TV is not only a means of entertainment to help you enjoy special programs but also a device to make your home space more luxurious and attractive. There are many different brands and models of televisions on the market today. Let's find out the best 6 43-inch TV lines for 2021 in the article below!

How to choose the best 43 inch TV

To choose the most suitable TV for your family, there are many factors you need to learn and consider including:


The 6 Best 43 Inch TVs for 2021

Resolution is the first factor you need to consider when buying a 43-inch TV. The high resolution will help you experience moments of real relaxation with extremely new experiences:

  • HD definition has not yet sharp image quality that can only be displayed sharp with TVs with screens under 32 inches.
  • Full HD definition for good picture quality, clearly displayed on TVs with screens from 43 to 49 inches.
  • 4K definition is a super sharp resolution 4 times higher than full HD used by many current TV lines.
  • 8k resolution with 43 million pixels is 4 times higher than 4k TVs, providing excellent picture quality showing sharp color ranges and high contrast.

Type of TV

43-inch TVs will bring different visual experiences thanks to their unique features. Learn about the types of televisions that will help you make more accurate choices.

  • Normal televisions are older TVs that use an antenna or other digital connection that cannot use an internet connection to go online.
  • OLED TVs: TVs using light-emitting diode panels provide realistic picture quality.
  • Android TV is a TV line that has all the features of a smart device running the Android operating system developed by Google specifically for TVs. This TV line is applied new Google technology such as Google play games, Google play music to help users have more interesting experiences.
  • HDR TV is a TV line with a natural and sharp image level suitable for adding color contrast mode, limiting the phenomenon of white parts, loss of detail compared to conventional TV lines.
  • 43-inch Qled TV is a new TV line developed by Samsung that uses brand Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes technology to bring true, natural picture colors.
  • Smart TV helps connect to more channels via the internet system and use applications on the internet. Some high-end TVs have a built-in face recognition feature for voice control, which is extremely convenient.


The current new 43 inch TVs bring users a lot of interesting experiences. This experience gives users many opportunities to explore and choose products that suit their family's needs:

  • Connecting to your phone via bluetooth allows you to project any content or information from your phone or computer onto the TV. Through Bluetooth connection, the TV will be like a high-resolution projection screen to help you have the experience of watching a movie in the theater.
  • Voice search: many smart TVs of major brands now have a voice search function. With this feature, you don't need to type every word to search, just say the content you want to find through the remote control or phone to be able to connect to the TV.
  • Using mouse and keyboard: The TV can use an extra mouse and keyboard so you can comfortably play games, watch movies, read newspapers on TV. Mouse and keyboard make it easy to enter numbers, enter text, or scroll pages like a computer.
  • Gaming: most high-end 43-inch TVs can be integrated with gaming functions for entertainment. Because now TV is not only a device to watch movies and news, but through which it is possible to play games or own different entertainment games.
  • Watching movies online: High-end TVs have built-in online movie viewing function so that users can watch any favorite movie via YouTube or other movie browsers like netflix, etc.
  • Watching movies and listen to music from USB: Smart TVs with USB ports can turn your TV into a projection screen to watch movies, listen to music or show your favorite content built in USB.
  • Control by phone is a function that helps you easily manage 43 inch TV through your phone. You can turn off or search for any app with your phone instead of using the controls as usual.
  • Install applications: Smart TVs are integrated with an application installation function that allows users to download and experience many applications that are not available in the application store of the TV.


Price is also one of the factors that help users choose the right TV products depending on their family's economic conditions. Usually, the more expensive 43-inch TVs are, the more features and technologies that are integrated into the TV series will bring more interesting experiences.

  • The TV line of over 2200$ is a high-end product line such as a smart TV that brings sharp picture quality, using the most realistic advanced technology.
  • The TV line from 900 to 2200$ is a high-end 43-inch TV line with advanced and modern image technology that gives users a lifelike feeling.
  • The TV line from 700 to 900$ is a high-end product line with many modern features: watching TV, using the internet. There are also other interesting experiences such as playing games or controlling via phone.
  • TV line from 600 to 700$ you can find yourself a large sized TV with high resolution for sharp and vivid images.
  • The TV series from 400 to 600$ is in the popular segment but is equipped with more features such as internet connection, wi-fi settings and many other useful applications.
  • The TV line from 300 to 400$ million is a popular TV line that provides image technology products such as 4k, full HD to help users have more choices.

The 6 Best 43 Inch TVs

You are wondering to find the best 43 inch TV products that are popular today. With the best 6 43-inch TV lines which are most modern and popular, the following suggestions will be for you.

1. 43 inch Smart LG 4K TV 43UN7290PTF

The product has a 43-inch TV screen with an extremely thin design and strong black color, adding to its modernity and elegance.

You will experience vivid and sharp realistic images with ultra HD 4K resolution displayed 4 times sharper than full HD resolution. As a result, it brings a realistic visual experience, technology movies combined with powerful spreading sound.

Reference price: 685$

2. Smart TV 43 inch Samsung 4K UA43AU7700

Purcolor technology brings true-to-life frames with 4K crystal processing for vivid and true colors. With a resolution of 4K, 4 times the pixels of conventional full HD TVs, the 43-inch TV screen delivers sharp, vivid frames for the most authentic experiences.

Q-Symphony technology with great sounds is seamlessly synchronized between the audio speakers and the TV to provide the ultimate entertainment space that embraces all senses.

Reference price: 638$

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3. 43 inch Smart Samsung QLED 4K TV QA43Q60A

Owning a 43-inch TV screen with Quantum Dot technology displays color resolution with clear vivid realism to help you experience beautiful vivid frames. Dual nest backlight technology with the ability to optimize, color tones suitable for each content, innovative technology allows the screen to display images with clear contrast and accurate detail.

OTS Lite technology immerses customers in the ultimate 3D space of a combination of vivid images and unique simulated sounds. The slim TV screen design is easy to combine with any space to create a seamless whole that attracts all eyes.

Reference price: 617$

4. Android TCL 4K 43P615" 43-inch TV

43-inch TV product line with minimalist design suitable for spaces with strong black border, solid inverted V-shaped stand. The screen is sharp with 8 million pixels and 4K resolution, images are optimized for black and white and contrast thanks to HDR10 technology.

Realistic, clear sound thanks to Dolby Audio technology helps users experience the sharpest and most detailed images. Combined with a rich application store on the latest Android 9.0 operating system including YouTube, netflix, FPT play, Zing TV clips, etc. Smart control, voice search and application control with music connect or on smartphones to bring extremely interesting experiences.

Reference price: 440$

5. 43 inch Android Sony 4K TV KD-43X8500H

The 43-inch TV product with a slim, compact design and black tones brings a luxurious and modern beauty to the living space. Crisp 4K ultra HD resolution with true-to-life sound thanks to Dolby atmos technology.

Modern Android 9.0 operating system along with intelligent voice search technology through controls with Vietnamese support. In addition, you can easily mirror your phone screen to your TV using Chrome cache and apple play

Reference price: 640$

6. 43-inch Smart Casper TV 43FX6200

Product design with a luxurious three-sided 43-inch full-screen TV screen brings impressive experiences, the upside-down V-stand keeps the TV steady and stable. Clear picture colors from any angle thanks to IPS panels and Dolby audio technology to help simulate sound, sound emitted from many directions brings extremely vivid and powerful sound experiences.

Easy to use interface with rich application store and Linux operating system. Screen projection technology for TV phones with Chrome cache feature and many popular connection ports such as HDMI, lan port, TV cable, optical cable, ...

Reference price: 344$

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Above are the 6 best 43 Inch TVs that are popular today. Hopefully you will find yourself a suitable TV product to have the most enjoyable experience.

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