Top 5 Apple Watch Picks: Smartwatch design and configuration difference

Top 5 Apple Watch picks

  1. The first pick: Apple Watch Series 6

  2. The second pick: Apple Watch Series 5

  3. The third pick: Apple Watch Series 4

  4. Apple Watch Series 3: 5ATM waterproof pick

  5. Apple Watch Series 1: 1M depth pick

The first pick: Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 is the best-selling Apple Watch pick on the market today. This product has a stunning design with many colors so that users can freely choose to best suit their preferences.

The features integrated into this smartwatch are highly advanced and modern. There are the health monitoring features, and the ECG will monitor blood oxygen levels. In addition, the device is also equipped with additional exercises with the ability to adjust flexible options to suit your forte. This watch's processing performance is much faster than previous versions, and the screen is also noticeably brighter.

It is because Apple Watch Series 6 is equipped with a new generation S6 chip with a performance increase of up to 20% and a brightness increase of 2.5 times compared to its predecessor Series 5. The battery life of the device is also very respectable. It can work continuously for 18 hours.


Apple Watch Series 6 Price:

  • 40mm version: $447,17
  • 44mm version: $482,27

The second pick: Apple Watch Series 5

Although Apple Watch Series 5 is an old version of Apple Watch Series 6, they are still at the top of fans' Apple Watch picks and the smartwatch market in general. The machine possesses a beautiful design with high-quality materials and many great features, bringing high convenience during use.

This product is also equipped with exciting gadgets such as fitness features, health tools, and convenient applications. As a result, Apple Watch Series 5 is considered to bring users the best experience, helping you to use them more flexibly and efficiently.

This smartwatch pick uses the S5 chipset, so the power and performance of the device are significantly improved compared to the Series 4 version. Not only that, with 32GB of memory, the product promises to be able to serve well all user needs. The product's appearance is also appreciated with a highly durable and luxurious titanium case and meticulous details, creating sophistication in each product line.


Apple Watch Series 5 Price: $461,65

The third pick: Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 has a silver aluminum rim design with a ceramic bottom surface. Therefore, it has high durability and good signal reception. The product is equipped with a screen made of Sapphire Crystal glass with a shell of sizeable silver-plated aluminum alloy to ensure brightness but power saving.

This smartwatch model is equipped with a 64-bit Apple S4 dual-core chip. Compared to the Apple Watch Series 3 version, Apple Watch Series 4 has up to 50% faster task processing performance. Besides, the product is also integrated with many useful features and brilliant and unique screen effects.

Specifically, this Apple Watch Series 4 Pick automatically calls an emergency thanks to an electrocardiogram sensor detecting early cardiovascular disease risks. The machine will also automatically call 911 if the owner falls and cannot get up on his own after 1 minute. 

The battery life of this Apple Watch pick is also quite large, with a 340mAh battery for up to 18 hours of continuous use.


 Apple Watch Series 4 Price: 

  • Version for women: $395,82
  • Version for men: $552,92

Apple Watch Series 3: 5ATM waterproof pick

Apple Watch Series 3 is also among the top Apple Watch picks today. This product is designed with a Digital Crown utility button and an oval power button, allowing users to turn on/off the power or text, make phone calls conveniently and quickly.

Compared to its predecessor Apple Watch Series 2, this Series 3 smartwatch can access Wifi up to 85% faster, all thanks to the dual-core S3 dual-core processor. The applications and utilities on this product are also highly appreciated, effectively supporting users during exercise and helping users monitor information from the start and the traveling distance. The mapping and positioning features are also excellent and accurate.

Moreover, Apple Watch Series 3 is also equipped with water resistance with a depth of 5ATM, allowing users to use the watch even while swimming in the pool or sea. The product is also integrated with Siri virtual assistant, actively assisting you in checking and booking appointments, setting reminders, or checking the weather.


Apple Watch Series 3 Price: $205,81

Apple Watch Series 1: 1M depth pick

Apple Watch Series 1 is an old version pick with an aluminum bezel and rubber band with a 2.1-inch 340 x 272 pixels screen. The screen is also equipped with an extra layer of Ion-X tempered glass to help minimize scratches when accidentally bumped during use.

The device has good water resistance at a depth of 1 meter. Therefore, you can comfortably use it even when taking a shower, washing your face, washing your hands. Besides, this product is also integrated with additional convenient features. For example, there are tools to measure heart rate and exercise timer, making it easy to control your daily exercise and sports activities.

The strap of this smartwatch is quite soft, hugging the user's hand without causing discomfort even if you wear the watch for a long time.


Price of Apple Watch Series 1: $91,72

Above are the top 5 best Apple Watch picks for reference. Compared to its predecessors, the following Apple smartwatch models will be much better. However, it also comes with a higher price tag. Therefore, based on your usage needs and spending ability to choose the best smartwatch model, the most suitable for you.

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