5 Best mechanical keyboard 2021: Reviews and buying advice

Mechanical keyboards and pseudo-mechanical keyboards are used quite a lot on the market for gamers, office workers, professional work with many computers.
Many people are still wondering whether to buy a mechanical keyboard or not when the cost is higher than a regular keyboard. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of mechanical keyboards for users to identify:

Advantages of mechanical keyboard - High sensitivity, fast processing, easy to use, smooth without worrying about jamming buttons, mechanical keyboard is the solution to protect users' hands when they have to manipulate too much on the machine. Computer keyboards, typing causes hand joint diseases, keyboard durability is superior to many mechanical keyboards with a variety of stylish design codes for users to use.
Disadvantages of mechanical keyboards – Making more noise than regular keyboards, size and heavy weight due to many accessories, expensive prices.
With advantages and disadvantages as on a mechanical keyboard, it is a bit expensive, but it is still a solution for effective work and maximum protection of the user's hand, a mechanical keyboard will be a long-term choice for technology users. 

How to choose the best mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards on the market are diverse in types, designs to meet the needs of users with different quality and prices. Users need to pay attention to the following criteria to choose the best mechanical keyboard suitable for them:

5 Best mechanical keyboard 2021: Reviews and buying advice

Select by Switch type

Switch technology is an important factor that creates the characteristics of mechanical keyboards: efficiency, durability, sensitivity, user noise should be noted, the market currently has the following types of switches:
Red Switch – A linear keyboard that requires 45g of pressure to type quite smoothly without feeling of feedback force or noisy clicks, suitable for office workers, basic typing keyboard operations.
Black Switch – Another type of linear keyboard that requires up to 60g of cap pressure to feel the feedback force but make no noise, no clicks, the device works quite quietly, suitable for office users, working late-night work or gamers with the real feeling of operation that the keys bring.
Green Switch – Needs an impact force of about 50g to make a click and feedback force gives a real hand feeling when operating, suitable for people working from home, alone
Brown Switch – The design is quite similar to the Switch Red, the light force does not cause noise but still feels like a force response, the keyboard style is suitable for quiet spaces.
A new type of Switch on the market - Topre Switch with a pressure of about 30 - 50g is a combination of spring and rubber hammer for high durability, great bounce and no noise.

Keyboard type and size

Another feature of the keyboard that users should note is the keyboard size, the size of the mechanical keyboard is quite diverse:

  • Full Size keyboard style with 104 keys.
  • Keyboard TKL about 80% without the number keys on the left.
  • The mini keyboard has the most compact design, but it will also be quite inconvenient when many important keys are cut.

Users need to pay attention to the style of the keyboard to choose according to their preferences, for gamers who need to have LED luminescent lights with a more aggressive or fashionable design, and for office workers who need simple professionalism to optimize their work.

Pay attention to the keycap material

Keycap material is an important factor that not many people pay attention to today's mechanical keyboards are mainly manufactured from ABS or BTS plastic with soft ABS plastic and not as durable as BTS will be cheaper than BTS keyboard.

The type of printing on Keycap in which Laser printing will be more durable than normal printing and will not be glossy or a few letters when manipulated often. Italicized for users' convenience in observing, when the keyboard is shadowed, it still ensures that the user can see the symbol.

5 Best mechanical keyboards (best sellers in 2021)

1. Dareu DK880 RGB D Switch Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

The cheap mechanical keyboard model – Tenkeyless of Dareu DK880 RGB is highly appreciated and chosen by users. Tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with 87 keys, quick operation.

Compact size, easy to use, exclusive D Switch technology for outstanding operability, high accuracy, and pleasant feeling when used. The keyboard system design has impressive 16 million colors led, for high brightness, easy to observe to manipulate the user to adjust the LED brightness thanks to the Fn key.

Keycap material is high-strength, user-friendly ABS plastic, 2-layer Keycap manufacturing technology with plastic upper layer, powder-coated aluminum bottom for outstanding durability Supports media keys for gamers Convenient operation 1.8m standard USB 2.0 connection cable with high compatibility, stable transmission. Keyboard price is about 700 thousand, 2 years warranty. Dareu DK880 RGB is one of the best cheap mechanical keyboards available today.


  • High keycap sensitivity, quick operation.
  • Outstanding keyboard durability.
  • Elegant eye-catching design.
  • Safe for hands when working continuously.


  • No reviews yet.

2. Logitech G Pro Gaming RGB Romer-G Mechanical Keyboard

Gaming keyboard – Logitech G Pro Gaming RGB Romer-G Tenkeyless style compact design with 87 keys. Applying exclusive Romer-G Switch technology with high elasticity, good response performance, does not make a lot of noise when operating quickly, great operation performance and 25% faster speed than standard mechanical keyboards.

Keycap durability up to 70 million keystrokes, durable design with super durable steel back plate, increase stability for the keyboard during operations, design supports 16.8 million impressive colors for outstanding gaming keyboard style , easy to manipulate, observe and adjust the LED light. High-end mechanical keyboard model with USB 2.0 standard and durable side cable, 3-pin jack for stable connection, convenient detachable. Keyboard price is about 1.8 million, 2 years warranty.


  • Advanced switch technology for smooth, high-precision operation.
  • High-quality, durable materials prolong the life of the keyboard.
  • Hand-friendly for continuous operation.
  • Elegant design, compact, optimal performance.


  • Product cost is high.

3. Redragon Rudra K565 LED Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard

Cheap mechanical keyboard under 1 million – Redragon Rudra K565 LED with Full Size 104-key design is quite large, the keyboard uses Blue Switch technology for real feeling of high speed and great accuracy in each operation.

The keyboard does not vibrate, stable operation all day without pain in the hand. ABS hard plastic material for high durability and stability, the keyboard design is quite solid with a sturdy aluminum surface and hard plastic bottom, creating a solid feeling when operating simultaneously with 4 rubber feet below. Anti-slip when working hard.

Beautifully designed with an impressive 7-color rainbow LED system, with interesting color changing effects, anti-folding and broken wire, gold-plated USB 2.0 connector for high-speed transmission. In addition, the keyboard also supports the Anti Ghosting feature, the ability to receive multiple key operations at the same time. Price is about 790 thousand, 1 year warranty.


  • Quick and accurate operation, high keyboard sensitivity.
  • Solid design, high durability.
  • Stylish design, impressive color LED lights.


  • Size is too big.

4. Logitech Orion G610 LED Full Size Mechanical Keyboard

Mini keyboard style - Full Size Logitech Orion G610 LED is chosen by many users, Switch technology Cherry MX B extremely light pressure feels real fingertip feedback with high accuracy, quickly transmits signals with High performance.

Multifunction keyboard with integrated multimedia keys for quick, concise operation. High-quality ABS material for high durability, fingerprint-free key surface. High-end connection cable design is covered with durable fiber, stable USB 2.0 connection, LED display for effective visibility, simple but luxurious design. Equipment price is about 1.9 million, 2 years warranty.


  • Fast pressing speed and operation.
  • High sensitivity, light pressure safe for hands.
  • Fashionable, elegant.


  • Product cost is high.

5. Logitech G413 Carbon LED Romer-Wooden Mechanical Keyboard

Wireless mechanical keyboard model – Full Size Logitech G413 Carbon LED stands out with many features, G413 Carbon LED mechanical keyboard uses exclusive Romer–G Switch technology for extremely fast and accurate information processing speed. Feel real with each light press, protect the user's hand in the best way.

Keycap material is high-strength ABS plastic, laser printing for perfect key durability, continuous use without losing difficult-to-see text, integrated 16.8 million color LED system for clear and impressive display .

The surface of the keyboard is made of scratch-resistant aluminum material, and the rubber base reduces vibration and anti-slip for users to easily manipulate and play games. Elegant design, delicate, light weight for users to easily use. The price is about 2 million VND, 2 years warranty.


  • Ultra-fast operation with advanced switch technology.
  • Optimal hand protection.
  • Great durability, outstanding longevity thanks to high-quality materials.


Product cost is high.

Instructions on how to clean a mechanical keyboard in detail

Using a mechanical keyboard should pay attention to cleaning the device to protect and improve the life of the keyboard. Users should note how to clean the mechanical keyboard below:

  • It is recommended to capture the keyboard to remember the order of keys. Use the Key Puller to extract the Keycap without damaging the switches.
  • Pull out the Keycap and put it in water to soak for about 3-5 minutes, then scrub and clean it gently, then put it on paper towels and towel to dry.
  • Clean the Keyboard Case - Use a soft brush to clean the Case and then use a cotton swab or soft cloth to clean the spaces between the Switch.
  • Make sure the Keycap and Keyboard Case are dry before reinstalling.

Note: Do not wash too hard, gently manipulate, do not use chemicals to damage Keycap and Case.

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