19-01-2022, 20:08

A detailed review of Apple Watch Series 6: Versions and colors available

As for the Apple Watch Series 6 , Apple provides the watch with quite a few fantastic features and many high-end specs. It makes Apple Watch Series 6 the smartwatch of choice in the top 1. The following article will

24-08-2021, 03:05

Apple Watch Series 4: top-notch design, premium quality, unique features and more

Apple is known as a very famous brand in electronics chosen by many people. Besides, the Apple Watch Series 4 is a line of smartwatches that many customers are interested in since the early days of Apple's launch. So

24-08-2021, 00:42

Top 5 Apple Watch Picks: Smartwatch design and configuration difference

Apple is the most expensive brand in the world today. When it comes to a smartwatch, people often refer to one of the 5 best and most popular Apple Watch picks below. Criteria are based on design, configuration, and

23-08-2021, 07:04

Apple Watch Series 1: The most sought-after smartwatch after all

Although it has been around for a long time, the Apple Watch Series 1 version still won the hearts of many customers. Its modern technologies and super-fashionable designs cannot be ignored. To learn more about the

17-08-2021, 00:12

How to use the Home button on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Home is no longer a traditional physical button; it helps to limit the lack of sensitivity. Besides, the button has an integrated Taptic Engine vibrator to create an effective vibrator when you press it.