Top 5 most popular durable, beautiful and luxurious Samsung TVs

  1. Samsung Smart QLED 8K 98-inch TV QA98Q900R

  2. Samsung 43 inch UA43M5500 TV

  3. Samsung 49 inch TV UA49M5500

  4. Samsung QLED TV Samsung 8K 75 inch QA75Q800T

  5. Samsung Smart QLED 4K 85 inch TV QA85Q80T

Currently, Samsung has launched many different TV lines, helping to meet the many needs of consumers. Here are the most popular, durable, and beautiful Samsung TV lines today, specifically as follows:

Samsung Smart QLED 8K 98-inch TV QA98Q900R

This Samsung TV has a 98-inch ultra-thin screen that is exquisite in detail and has a resolution of up to 8K that is very sharp and has very vibrant colors and impressive depth. Moreover, this TV is also equipped with QLED quantum dot screen technology that smoothly reproduces a wide color range. On the other hand, Samsung Smart QLED 8K 98-inch TV QA98Q900R also enhances contrast, detail, and brightness for images thanks to Quantum HDR 4000 nits technology.

With Direct Full Array technology, it will bring deeper darks and much more prominent highlights. In addition, the device also has Al Upscaling 8K technology that enhances the device's resolution and upscales 8K content with artificial intelligence. This TV series is also equipped with Ambient Mode to help your TV be less boring with many attractive standby modes. Moreover, Dolby Digital Plus technology and Tizen OS operating system bring a very vivid and modern multi-dimensional sound.

Reference price: $100,73

Samsung 43 inch UA43M5500 TV

Samsung 43-inch TV UA43M5500 is also a top-rated product in recent times. This TV is designed very delicately and modernly, making your space much more luxurious and lively.

Moreover, this Samsung TV line is also equipped with Samsung's exclusive Tizen operating system and owns a 43-inch screen with Full HD resolution combined with PurColor technology to help viewers get sharper and more realistic images. Mainly due to the ownership of Dimming Pro technology, this TV has been upgraded to 3 times the picture compared to a regular TV.

This TV series also has a powerful quad-core processor that will make opening applications and web browsing much faster and smoother. With this Samsung TV, you can easily project images from your phone to the TV, and controlling other peripheral devices will be more convenient.

Reference price: $373,90

Samsung 49 inch TV UA49M5500

Samsung 49 inch UA49M5500 TV has a very sophisticated, modern design. The base of the TV is designed very firmly and can stand firmly on any flat surface. Moreover, this TV is intended quite large, up to 49 inches, with Full HD resolution and PurColor technology to increase the sharpness of the picture. In particular, this TV is also equipped with Micro Dimming technology that enhances color contrast and definition up to 3 times.

On the other hand, it also contains many rich applications such as Youtube, Netflix, etc., which are run on Samsung's proprietary Tizen OS platform. This TV series is also equipped with a powerful quad-core processor to make opening web browsing applications faster and smoother. With this Samsung TV, you can connect USB and HDMI to make it more convenient to link to other devices.

Moreover, with its large size and great technology, this TV will bring you an enjoyable experience. Your space will become more impressive thanks to the delicate beauty of this Samsung TV.

Reference price: $607,03

Samsung QLED TV Samsung 8K 75 inch QA75Q800T

This TV series is designed in a minimalist and elegant style from every angle. With the beauty of this TV, it will surely make you immerse in the cinematic viewing experience. Moreover, the 75-inch Samsung QLED Samsung 8K TV QA75Q800T is also designed with four ultra-thin edges. It gives the image on the screen look as if it is floating in space and eliminates the limit because the surrounding border will bring a very realistic appearance.

On the other hand, the 75-inch Samsung TV size is perfectly suitable when you place it in spaces such as living rooms or meeting rooms, etc., helping to enhance the length of the house, and the area is more luxurious. The frame contains up to 33 million pixels, thanks to a resolution of up to 8K. In addition, they are also equipped with Quantum HDR 2000 nits technology to enhance contrast and reproduce every detail for images.

This TV series can also analyze and control each presentation frame's backlight thanks to Direct Full Array 320 blocks. At the same time, the image quality is raised to near 8K standard by artificial intelligence (AI), with the potent Quantum 8K processor.

Reference price: $6593,11

Samsung Smart QLED 4K 85 inch TV QA85Q80T

This Samsung TV has a 4-sided edge-to-edge design that breaks the space limit when watching movies, giving you the most authentic experience. Moreover, the 85-inch TV screen will display the image in great detail and perfectly convey the idea with a vivid and accurate color range. With the size of this TV will be very suitable for spaces such as restaurants and hotels.

On the other hand, this TV also has 4K resolution, providing four sharper display images and Full HD resolution. In particular, there are colors displayed very realistically close to the most realistic colors, along with Quantum Dot screen technology (QLED TV). This TV line also can eliminate noise and reproduce images. At the same time, exclusive content to near 4K standard through Quantum 4K processor integrated with AI artificial intelligence.

What's more, they feature true-to-life, contrast-enhanced images along with 1500 nits Quantum HDR Technology. Thanks to object tracking sound (OTS) technology, this TV delivers Surround Sound that follows the picture. With this TV, you can thoroughly enjoy the game with Real Game Enhancer + technology.

Product cost: $3514,27

Samsung TVs are an excellent choice for your space because they have a luxurious design and own much modern technology. I hope this article has helped you grasp the most popular Samsung TV lines today. And you can easily choose the most suitable TV.

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