Review: Top 5 genuine Sony TVs on top today

Sony TVs are currently one of the most popular and chosen TV lines on the market today. If you also love this TV line, you want to buy a good TV, suitable for your interior space and usage needs. Please refer to the top 5 best Sony TVs, and You should believe in the article below if you still do not know which TV brand to choose!

  1. About the Sony brand

  2. How to choose the right Sony TV

  3. Top 5 Best Sony TVs today

About the Sony brand

Sony is one of the globally renowned brands in consumer electronics, thanks to its revolutionary innovations and good product quality.

Sony's success in the Vietnamese market is because it has always shown its distinct identity powerfully and impressively, combining product quality with leading-edge technology and dynamic design. These factors have contributed to building the prestigious Sony brand chosen by many users today. One of the representatives of the success of this famous electronic brand is the Sony TV.

Review: Top 5 genuine Sony TVs on top today

How to choose the right Sony TV

To be able to choose to buy a good quality Sony TV, suitable for your family's needs and interior space, you need to be based on the following essential criteria:

Choose to buy a Sony TV based on price

Sony TVs are designed with different designs and screen sizes from 32 inches to 85 inches, depending on the model. Each screen size will correspond to an additional price and interior area, and you can choose the screen size based on your needs.

  • Sony TVs from 32 inches to 43 inches are priced from $286,29 to $554,96, suitable for rooms with an area of ​​​​under 15m2.
  • Sony TVs from 48 inches to 58 inches are priced from $462,47 to $1805,82, ideal for rooms with an area of ​​​​15m2 to 20m2.
  • From 60 inches to 85 inches, Sony TVs are priced from $880,89 to $3523,54, suitable for rooms with large areas from 20 to 30m2.

Check the picture quality carefully

Images displayed on Sony TVs often have intense sharpness and true colors thanks to modern technologies integrated. Specifically, in terms of resolution, Sony TVs have both HD, Full HD, and 4K TVs, of which 4K Sony TVs are the most commonly used TV series, with dynamic screen sizes of 43 inches or more.

In terms of image technology, Sony has successfully updated and launched many modern new technologies to help images be displayed clearly, enhance detail, and more vivid colors, such as Image processing technology. 4K X-Reality Pro and XR Motion Clarity backlighting technology.

Pay attention to the interface and features

Sony TVs use the Android operating system with a version written by Google and optimized for TVs, so Sony TVs have excellent compatibility. In addition, this TV line also has the advantage of a strong configuration with 2GB RAM and 16GB memory and allows you to expand the memory by USB.

This TV series also has excellent strength in the Google Play app store, especially with many attractive entertainment games such as Modern Combat, Asphalt 8, The Walking Dead, The King Of Fighters, Final Fantasy. You can also install additional applications outside the TV with the APK file to maximize your work and entertainment needs.


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