Review: Top 5 genuine Sony TVs on top today

Top 5 Best Sony TVs today

  1. Sony 43 inch TV KDL-43W660G
  2. Sony 55 inch KD-49X9500H
  3. Sony 65 inch TV KD-65X7500H
  4. Sony 49 inch TV KD-49X8500H
  5. Sony 4K 43 inch TV KD-43XX8000G

Sony TV is currently a widespread and trusted product line in today's time. However, Sony TVs are diverse in style, design, and different features, making many users wonder which is the most suitable one. Don't worry, and we will reveal to you the top 5 best Sony TVs today.

Sony 43 inch TV KDL-43W660G

The next name in the top 5 best Sony TVs, best-selling in the present time, is the 43-inch Sony KDL-43W660G TV. The product has a compact design, with the cable part stowed in the base and fixed by the attached cable holder, bringing class and elegance to the interior space.

Sony 43-inch TV KDL-43W660G is designed with modern sound field simulation technology, giving you clear, robust sound quality, helping you enjoy good music and action movies more alive. More dynamic, engaging, and realistic.

In addition, the 43-inch Sony TV KDL-43W660G uses Linux operating system with a neat interface, which is easy to operate along with pre-installed applications such as YouTube, Browser, Fim+, Netflix, and popular applications, fully meeting the entertainment needs of each member of your family.

Reference price: $416,62

Sony 55 inch TV KD-49X9500H

KD-49X9500H with advanced design with One Slate slim screen, straightforward and smooth flat surface creates a modern look that blends in with any space, helping you focus on the image without being distracted entirely. TV KD-49X9500H owns a picture 4 times sharper than Full HD thanks to the integrated Ultra HD 4K resolution with 8.3 million pixels.

The TV's independent backlight control system through the Full-Array LED panel will automatically adjust the brightness and darkness for each frame, making the bright areas brighter and the dark spots darker. Modern technology X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO expands to increase brightness up to 3 times compared to conventional TVs for enhanced contrast.

Dolby Atmos technology of the 55-inch Sony TV KD-49X9500H emits multi-dimensional sound surrounding. The KD-49X9500H's S-Force Front Surround is processed by the input source and reproduces the sound like on a multi-dimensional surround sound system, bringing you into the world of the most realistic and immersive sound, as vivid as sitting in a cinema.

Reference price: $1131,50

Sony 65 inch TV KD-65X7500H

The 65-inch Sony TV KD-65X7500H is elegant, comfortable in design, and adapts to modern living spaces. The slim bezel design blurs the line between your interior space and the content displayed on the TV screen, giving you the most focused viewing experience in each frame. Sony KD-65X7500H TV size is 65 inches for a larger screen, watching movies is more eye-catching. The base is sturdy and solid, allowing you to install it anywhere you like freely.

The 65-inch Sony TV KD-65X7500H always gives the image at the highest quality because it is integrated with the X1 4K Processor chip combined with 4K X-Reality PRO technology. Consistently deliver the most transparent, sharpest, and most vivid images.

In addition, the 65-inch Sony TV KD-65X7500H is also equipped with Bass Reflex Speaker technology with a different box design to ensure more effective sound reproduction. In addition, this Sony TV also can reproduce bass more clearly and sharper for the most accurate and ear-splitting sound.

Reference price: $950,92

Sony 49 inch TV KD-49X8500H

The 49-inch Sony KD-49X8500H TV is designed with aluminum rims and strong black tones, giving the TV an extraordinarily modern and sophisticated appearance. With an elegant 49-inch Sony TV size, it will contribute to the elegance and harmony of the interior spaces in your home, such as the living room, bedroom or office,...

X-tended Dynamic Range PRO lighting technology integrated on the 49-inch Sony KD-49X8500H TV helps to expand the brightness up to 3 times compared to conventional TVs. They assist users in feeling the depth of sound and images most realistically and transparently and bringing you the whole experience with captivating and engaging movies like home theater movies thanks to the highly modern integrated Dolby Vision technology.

With advanced Dolby Atmos technology, you can fully feel the sound moving from all different directions and bringing you a great experience like watching movies at home with highly realistic and vivid sounds and images.

Reference price: $880,45

Sony 43 inch 4K TV KD-43XX8000G

The 43-inch Sony 4K TV KD-43X8000G is famous for its neat, overall harmonious design combined with a strong, luxurious black tone, bringing modernity and class to the room. The TV size of 43 inches is reasonable, suitable for arranging in many different spaces such as living room, bedroom, etc. In addition, with a sturdy metal V-shaped base, the TV can be Stable on various surfaces.

This 43-inch Sony KD-43X8000G TV has a total operating power of up to 20W, along with a transparent, precise sound tuning system with accurate, diffused effects, giving you a truly immersive listening experience.

The KD-43X8000G uses the familiar Android 8.0 operating system, which is easy to operate with stable processing capabilities. Along with that is a diverse application store of different entertainment genres such as Galaxy Play, YouTube, Netflix, and many other outstanding applications to complete your entertainment needs.

Reference price: $1189,00

The above article is the top 5 best Sony TVs, best-selling today. Hopefully, through this article, you will be able to choose a TV with a beautiful design, suitable for the needs of users and the interior space of your family.

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