Review: Top 5 best wireless mechanical keyboards we have tested

  1. Logitech K270 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

  2. Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

  3. DareU EK871 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

  4. Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

  5. Cooler Master SK621 wireless mechanical keyboard

Are you looking to buy a quality wireless mechanical keyboard? Then definitely do not ignore the following top 5 top-rated wireless mechanical keyboards in the market.

Logitech K270 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The Logitech K270 has a classic shape with a curved Spacebar with a slightly different soft feel. All materials that make up the K270 are plastic, and the keys are covered with an extra layer of UV protection, thereby protecting the text on the keys from fading over the years. The back of the keyboard is designed with two knobs to create a slight 8-degree angle for the keyboard while keeping the key in the Ergonomic position for easy operation.

In addition, the drainage holes of the device are evenly arranged, helping to speed up the process of draining water out when you accidentally spill it on the device. At the same time, there is a slot for 2 AAA batteries for easy use.

Logitech K270 Full-size wireless mechanical keyboard has 104 full keys. In addition, there is an additional row of function keys with eight keys for you to turn on / off the music, open the calculator, etc. Logitech keyboard also supports software to Edit function of Function keys with SETPOINT tool. 

Besides, the keys are durable, resistant to grease, and reduce noise when operating. You'll also enjoy that the keyboard is less prone to problems with 24 months of battery life. And can switch to standby mode to help you save energy.

Reference price: $21,51

Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard 

Keychron K2 is considered a "national keyboard" for hardcore gamers or those who often play keycap. It impresses with a compact keyboard structure, enough keys, beautiful basic design. Moreover, the excellent switch supports changing custom keycaps so that Wireless Keychron K2 can be a super product. 

Keychain K2 is a wireless mechanical keyboard model with an 84 keys layout. The keys of numbers have been removed, but it keeps the F1, F2, and arrow keys, so FPS, MOBA players can rest assured.

This wireless mechanical keyboard model has two shell options: plastic shell and aluminum shell. In addition, the switch used by the company so far has come chiefly from Gateron, and so has the K2 model. It also has an extremely impressive smoothness when pressed. The Gateron provides a smoother typing experience than conventional keyboards.

Besides, the Keychron K2 model also has up to 3 switch options for you: Red, Brown, and Blue. 

However, the disadvantage of the keyboard is that there is no device to show the remaining battery for the keyboard. So you may have a situation where you are playing short or lose connection because the battery is almost empty.

Reference price: $74,34

DareU EK871 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The EK871 wireless mechanical keyboard applies an entirely new 71-key arrangement. With the 71 basic position design, the function is similar to that of the standard 108-key keyboard. 

Moreover, the narrow frame design makes the keyboard more compact as well as more solid. At the same time, the 71-key arrangement of keys still retains the function keys, and the commonly used navigation keys will be highly suitable for everyone to use for office work and game playing. 

The device also supports connectivity. USB wired and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, especially with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, are helped to connect to 3 devices simultaneously.

This mechanical keyboard is also equipped with a 1900mAh lithium battery, so it can be used continuously for 20 days even if you have the light on or you can charge it and use it simultaneously. More specifically, the total charge time is only 6 hours. 

The feeling of pressing on the keys is excellent. It can resist wear and tear even with long-term use, much better than conventional ABS keycaps. The glossy keyboard surface, combined with physical switches, is used for faster device switching.

Reference selling price: $61,14

Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Right from the first days of its launch, the Corsair K63 keyboard model is still among the most worth buying, worth-using mechanical keyboard models for gamers worldwide. In 2018, the company launched a wireless version of this keyboard model and immediately caused an intense "explosion."

Customers' first impression of this keyboard model is the LED design with a modern, delicate but corsair layout. All are stunning, from the Logo to the led lights, shapes, symbols, and highly different types of keys.

Corsair K63 is a wireless TKL keyboard model that allows connection via Bluetooth, removable USB port. Besides, the switch type of the Corsair K63 wireless mechanical keyboard is the red Cherry MX. Although the quality is quite good and smooth, people who use blue or brown switches will not find a satisfactory key. 

Moreover, the battery life of the Corsair K63 Wireless keyboard will be about 15 hours if fully charged and using the light system. However, it can still last up to 75 hours by turning off or reducing the light effect through its ICUE software.

Reference price: $113,49

Cooler Master SK621 wireless mechanical keyboard

Cooler Master SK621 has a smaller design than many others, with a compact size and product weight of only 424g. So you can completely tuck it in your backpack neatly, even your jacket pocket to carry. It is designed to be very thin and highly flat. Moreover, this is also a particular mechanical keyboard model with integrated wireless and wired technology. SK621 also allows users to use wireless mode via Bluetooth, and the USB-C port is quite convenient.

The Cooler Master SK261 keyboard's type of switch is also quite interesting as a low-profile Cherry MX switch. It is a rare but highly durable version of Cherry. This type of switch can bring simplicity in press operation when the moving distance of the two keys is lower than 0.8mm, far different from a conventional mechanical keyboard. It will make typing extremely fast and gentle. 

In addition, the keyboard's battery has a capacity of up to 4000mah, so you can use it for a long time.

Reference selling price: $144,72

Above are the top 5 most popular and worth buying wireless mechanical keyboards voted by most consumers. Therefore, we hope you will choose to buy an appropriate, convenient wireless mechanical keyboard for both home use and travel with this information.

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