Top 5 best-selling Fuhlen mechanical keyboards and notes on using

  1. Fuhlen SM680R Mechanical Keyboard

  2. Fuhlen Eraser mechanical keyboard

  3. Fuhlen M87S Mechanical Keyboard

  4. Fuhlen Destroyer Mechanical Keyboard

  5. Fuhlen Subverter Mechanical Keyboard

On the market, there are many types of mechanical keyboards for people to choose from. Here are the top 5 most popular Fuhlen keyboards.

Fuhlen SM680R Mechanical Keyboard

The Fuhlen SM680R mechanical keyboard has a TKL keyboard design, which is very compact and easy to move. Keycaps of the SM680R are made of high-quality ABS plastic. The keyboard's character keys are constructed in Double Shot to ensure durability and sharpness over time.

The Switch form is from LongHua, giving users the ultimate experience. One more point for the Fuhlen SM680R is the eye-catching RGB light strip and can be adjusted by pressing the Fn + key combination (1 to 9).

Fuhlen SM680R keyboard possesses good sensitivity and is very suitable for those just starting to get acquainted with mechanical keyboards. SM680R is sold at a relatively low price, so it is ideal for those with limited financial resources. However, the Fuhlen SM680R has a limitation in that it is not water-resistant.

Reference price: $61,14

Fuhlen Eraser mechanical keyboard

Fuhlen Eraser is a mechanical keyboard that uses an optical switch. This device is called by the manufacturer Fuhlen as "Immortal Switch" because the product carries the most advanced technology in the world. The LED system used for this mechanical keyboard is a beautiful 7-color LED that blinks beautifully and is easy to control.

Users can use the Fn + down arrow key combination to turn off or reduce the brightness of the LED. If you want to increase the brightness, press the Fn key + up arrow. When the user wants to change the LED direction, press the Fn + END key or Fn + Home. The speed of the LED is adjusted by selecting the combination Fn + right/left arrow.

The Fuhlen Eraser mechanical keyboard has a beautiful design with responsive keystrokes, giving users a quick and enjoyable connection to the computer. However, the keyboard cord is not covered with umbrellas but only made of rubber bands, so it will easily break if you are not careful.

Reference price: $35,19

Fuhlen M87S Mechanical Keyboard

Fuhlen M87S is the next generation of the SM680 keyboard and is currently being marketed with two versions, 2018 and 2019. Consumers still prefer the 2019 version because the new keycap is designed with a compact font, which is much less cluttered than the 2018 version. The keycap set of the Fuhlen M87S keyboard has a thick, durable plastic layer applied with Double-Shot technology.

Because of the keycap changes, the M87S keyboard set gives users a more comfortable typing experience. The noise is also more minor, does not cause discomfort when working with the computer. The beautiful RGB LED system with adjustment modes is relatively easy, helping users to align the lighting mode to their liking in a simple way.

A sturdy canvas protects the USB cable of the M87S mechanical keyboard, so users can rest assured that the cable is not quickly broken like rubber cables. However, the Fuhlen M87S keyboard is not water-resistant, so you must avoid being near liquids when using it. Otherwise, it will affect the product's life.

Reference price: $35,15

Fuhlen Destroyer Mechanical Keyboard

Fuhlen Destroyer keyboard, also known as Fuhlen D, is a full-size keyboard, which is very popular with gamers. The keyboard has a palm rest to help users not feel pain or fatigue when used for too long.

Fuhlen Destroyer uses optical Switch Blue Switch with extremely high durability.

The Fuhlen Destroyer mechanical keyboard uses a combination of Rainbow and RGB LEDs that are very eye-catching, mainly when operating at night. RGB LEDs are installed on the sides of the mechanical keyboard to make your computer attractive from any angle.

With an impressive design and a good typing stroke, the Fuhlen Destroyer is the most sought-after product on the market by Fuhlen. A drawback of the Destroyer mechanical keyboard is the loud clicking sound, which sometimes creates discomfort for users.

Reference price: $91,41

Fuhlen Subverter Mechanical Keyboard

The Fuhlen Subverte r mechanical keyboard is built with a keycap made of high-quality ABS plastic and Double-Shot technology, so the product's durability is considered superior to other lines in the same segment. The keycap surface is glossy, combined with the LED light to create a stunning effect.

The Subverter keyboard uses Optical Switch and Blue Switch, which is practical and durable over time. The Subverter's RGB LEDs can be adjusted directly on the keyboard without using the software.

Fuhlen Subverter gives users a good typing feeling. However, the sound emitted when using the keyboard is quite noisy, and the cable is not covered even though it is a defect for this device.

Reference price: $27,78

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