Zalo App: Outstanding features waiting for you to discover

Zalo is a social network helping users exchange messaging, free video calls, posting status. A significant number of people have installed and given high-rate to this app. Have you ever wondered where the origin of this application comes from? There is some exciting info about this unique social network.

Which country is Zalo from?

Zalo is an over-the-top service (OTT). It means data is provided on the Internet platform, but not a network provider or any other organization can interfere. Zalo used to be on the list of the most downloaded applications. Like Facebook, Zalo allows users to text, call and chat with friends for free anywhere. It belongs to the Vietnamese, and also Vietnamese cooperation develops it - Vinagame.


Zalo is named after Zing and Alo. Zing is another product of the brand, and Alo is the opening answer when the Vietnamese reply to a call, like Hello in English.


Zalo appeared on the market on August 8, 2012. By December 2012, this pure Vietnamese messaging application started to operate stably and gradually became popular in the Vietnamese market, defeating many formidable opponents.


Zalo Features 

Many excellent features you can see in Whatsapp, Facebook, Yahoo are all available in Zalo.  

Available on both computer and mobile: Whether you use a computer or a phone, you can easily download and use Zalo anytime, anywhere.

Offer Voice and Video Messages:  If you're busy and can't type, you can speak and send voice messages. Sending voice messages lasts up to 5 minutes/message.


Location sharing: This feature allows users to share their current location with friends while chatting.

Find friends nearby: Very few applications have this outstanding feature integrated. For those who are looking for someone to chat with, they can use this "Scan nearby friends" feature.

Real-Time Messages: You will see the message status: received and sent.


Chat in group: With friends or companies, you can use Zalo to create group chats to chat and share information.

Entertainment:  Connect with friends through many games, buy and sell online on Zalo like e-commerce sites.

Undo messages: In just 15 seconds, you can undo messages or videos sent to your friends.


And many other unique features are waiting for you to discover. Install it now, and you will not be disappointed.

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