CRI Online: The 19th International Food Festival of Chengdu Opens

CHENGDU, China, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 11, the 19th International Food Festival of Chengdu, hosted by the Chengdu Municipal People's Government and organized by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, opened in Chengdu.

CRI Online: The 19th International Food Festival of Chengdu Opens

The 19th International Food Festival of Chengdu Opens

With the theme of "The Success of Sichuan Cuisine·The City of Food" and focusing on "Searching Chengdu Cuisine, Tasting Chengdu Cuisine, and Reviewing Chengdu Cuisine", the Food Festival arranged a series of activities based on three themes of "Food Experience Activities", "Tasting Chengdu-Chongqing Specialty Exhibition", and "Discount Carnival of Online Shopping". The Food Festival brings benefits to businesses and the public, activates the potential of catering consumption, drives the recovery of consumption, and promotes the development and upgrading of the food industry in a healthy and orderly way.

The Food Festival, held from November 11 to 13, includes the opening ceremony, "Tasting Chengdu-Chongqing Specialty" Exhibition, 2023 New Dishes Release Show, 2023 Chengdu Good Restaurant Selection and other major activities. By the end of December, 23 districts (cities) and counties in Chengdu will continue to carry out special food festival activities with different and regional characteristics, including the selection of good restaurants, the recommendation of the New Year banquet, and a series of selection activities of "2023 Picking Delicious Food", to present the unique flavors of different specialty, and show the different happy lifestyles and the hustle and bustle of Chengdu.

In the special food exhibition area of the main venue of the Food Festival, more than 60 booths were set up, which were divided into six exhibition areas: "Chengdu Urban Area Famous Dishes Exhibition Area", "Sichuan Characteristic Snacks Exhibition Area", "Chongqing Characteristic Food Exhibition Area", "Pre-made Food Special Exhibition Area", "Bartenders Exhibition Area", "Green Catering, Park City -- Green and Low-carbon Exhibition Area". Hundreds of kinds of special food were displayed on site.

The release of new dishes is an indispensable selection activity for each food festival. The 2023 New Dishes Release Show of this Food Festival is divided into four parts: mountains and waters, forest, lake scenery, and park city. The unique release show allows guests and visitors to enjoy the visual feast while feeling the multiple charms of food from multiple dimensions.

The spokesman of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that he hoped that this Food Festival would help citizens feel happy life in Park City under the snow mountain of Chengdu, boost the confidence of the catering industry, release consumption potential, reconstruct consumption ecology and promote the development of the international food city.

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