2022 Times Young Creative Awards Collection for Cultural and Creative Works Presenting Chengdu

CHENGDU, China, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, a theme-specific award entitled "Introducing Chengdu with Cultural and Creative Works in Digital Form -- Design Award for Park City Demonstration Zone in Our Eyes" has been announced by Times Young Creative Awards organized by China Education Association for International Exchange, China Advertising Association of Commerce, and Want Want China Times Media Group. With a theme set by Chengdu Media Group, undertaken by Chengdu New East Exhibition Co., Ltd, the award invites worldwide young designers to create visible, audible, and interactive entity images for Chengdu, a city that is practicing the new development concept of building a park city demonstration zone.

The award sets up two competition areas, namely the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and overseas regions. It will collect design works of publicity, gift, and landscape containing elements of Chengdu characteristics including snow-capped mountains, pandas, greenways, and sunbirds.

Each competition area will issue one gold prize, one silver prize, and one bronze prize, each of which will provide scholarships of 10,000 yuan, 7,000 yuan, and 5,000 yuan. There will also be five excellent work awards and several honorable awards.

The collection of entries will close at 24:00 on June 12, 2022. Young designers who are interested in the competition can search the Awards' WeChat official account by typing "jindujiang" and follow it for more details and to receive the "creative energy pack". The award ceremony of the 31st Times Young Creative Awards will be held in July 2022 in Chengdu.

Since its inception in 1992, the Times Young Creative Awards has been held for 30 consecutive years and become a major public welfare platform for creative competition among worldwide Chinese college students. It has fostered more than 10 million students to enter advertising, design, and other related fields. It is known as the "Oscar Award" for youth creativity and oldest youth creative award in the Chinese community.

Source: Chengdu New East Exhibition Co., Ltd.
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