Mastercard Appoints Ignite Vision as Agency for Sourcing Promotion Offers in Hong Kong and Taiwan Markets

HONG KONG, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Mastercard officially engages Ignite Vision as its agency for sourcing promotional offers for their card users in Hong Kong and Taiwan markets. This cooperation will make use of the marketing expertise of Ignite Vision and its broad network of marketing contacts of retail merchants in those markets to offer Mastercard users a broader range of promotional offers. "We are very happy to work together with Mastercard as we are confident that its huge user base will bring more business to our merchant partners.  Everyone involved, including the consumers, will be benefited," remarked Joseph Lam, CEO of Ignite Vision.

Since its establishment in Hong Kong in 2007, Ignite Vision has been working with hundreds of retail merchants and brands to establish online marketing and sales channels in the Greater China region.  This is a service that is commonly known as affiliate marketing or performance marketing in the e-commerce world.  "The affiliate network platform,, we launched back in 2007 has been evolving.  The technology platform which we developed inhouse allows us the flexibility and efficiency in enabling various types of partnership of extremely different nature, both online and offline," Joseph commented.  To date, Ignite Vision has been working in a broad range of sectors including e-commerce, retail, games, travel, finance, telecommunication, education and insurance.  As the agency of Mastercard, it will identify suitable brands from this portfolio, recommend them to Mastercard and facilitate the rollout of promotional offers with Mastercard.  

About Ignite Vision

Ignite Vision is a marketing technology company established in Hong Kong in 2007.  Its team is currently operating from Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Taipei.  As a startup company, it received the Red Herring Asia Top 100 Award in year 2012.  It operates ChineseAN (, a major affiliate network with an extensive network in the Greater China and South East Asia regions.      


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Ignite Vision

Ignite Vision

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Red Herring Asia Top 100 Award



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