Optoma New-gen DuraCore Laser Projectors Made For Environmental Sustainability

TAIPEI, Oct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Optoma, a world-leading brand of large display products for more than two decades, has long been dedicated to creating the big image experience with outstanding features and color performance. And in the wake of climate change, Optoma in the recent years had started to develop new products that had been more environmental friendly, at the same time been more energy efficient. Then in 2015, Optoma launched its first laser projector, powered by the state-of-the-art DuraCore Laser Technology, leading its way to sustainability.

Optoma New-gen DuraCore Laser Projectors Made For Environmental Sustainability

Optoma New-gen DuraCore Laser Made for Environmental Sustainability

In comparison to traditional lamp-based projectors, Optoma laser projectors have a longer lifespan. And they are able to deliver constant brightness and consistent color performance. Thanks to the airtight optical engine design, the laser projectors are dust resistant with IP5X or IP6X certification, providing reliable output for more than 20,000 hours. The laser projectors also require virtually zero maintenance. With no need of constant lamp replacement, the laser projectors help save energy and extra cost, meanwhile avoiding mercury pollution. Moreover, as warmup/cooling time is not required for the laser projectors, it also saves time when using the projectors.

As the laser technology evolves, Optoma in 2022 launched the new-gen DuraCore Laser. Comparing to the previous generation, the new laser technology allows an even longer lifespan, and with lower power consumption, it is also more friendly to the environment. In addition, when comparing lamp-based projectors to the new-gen laser projectors at the same scale, the laser ones save almost 50% of power consumption, reducing carbon footprints at 1265kg CO2e*, which is equivalent to saving 1.8 trees**. Users can also select the preferred light output setting. With Eco mode, the laser projectors can be durable for up to 30,000 hours.

Optoma's new-gen laser projectors have also incorporated the latest design, which resulted in a more compact appearance, with 34% reduction in size comparing to the previous generation. While the projectors being more compact, the packaging and wastes are reduced, and transportation can be more efficient by containing more products in one shipment. In the near future, Optoma will also incorporate greener materials to the product development, bringing the big screen experience while caring about the environment.

"Optoma, for the past 20 years in the projector industry, has been dedicated to developing and enhancing our products and services," Mr. Gordon Wu, the Head of Optoma Asia stated, "Now we want to go further and give back to the society." "From the 2010s, Optoma started to bring out projectors with alternative light sources, for the purpose of providing longer-last and cost and energy efficient products to our clients. With advanced technology, in 2022 we introduced a new generation of laser technology, but we are only on our way. Following the government initiatives to reach Net Zero emission in 2050, Optoma will also take on the mission and strive to create a new sustainable future with the new technology."

Optoma new-gen laser projector series: ZX350e, ZW350e, ZH350

Learn more about Optoma's DuraCore Laser projectors, please visit: https://www.optoma.com/ap/product-category/lamp-less-projectors/at-work/

*Based on the estimated 20,000 hours of usage of the new-gen laser projector.

**The carbon emission is based on the figure in Taiwan in 2020, with carbon fixation conversion to acacia trees. The carbon emission figure varies by countries.

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