BEST Inc. Publishes ESG 2021 Report

BEST Inc. Publishes ESG 2021 Report

HANGZHOU, China, May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- BEST Inc. (NYSE: BEST) ("BEST" or the "Company"), a leading integrated smart supply chain solutions and logistics services provider in China, today released its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report for 2021. The report presents an overview of the ESG initiatives BEST introduced last year, as well as an update on their progress.

"It is a logistics company's duty to play to its strengths in environmental and social responsibility," said Johnny Chou, Chairman and CEO of BEST. "To create more value and better returns for society, we have worked to reduce our carbon emission and use of plastics. We also jumped into action with relief supplies and their delivery during a number of emergencies and times of urgent need."

The 2021 ESG report covers five major areas:

- Environment – BEST continued its promotion of green logistics solutions by emphasizing pollution reduction across company operations. In 2021, BEST:

  • successfully saved on 5.8 million sheets of A4 paper and abated 80 tons of carbon emissions through its use of blockchain technology in transportation; and
  • adopted the C-link monitoring system to manage vehicles so as to consume less energy and produce lower emissions.

- Community – BEST launched public welfare campaigns in China and Southeast Asia to help fight COVID-19 and natural disasters, as well as gave aid to vulnerable people in underdeveloped areas.

  • In Yunnan Province, China, BEST established nearly 7,000 town- or village-level express service stations across 118 counties. Parcels were delivered to villages within 24 hours upon arrival in those counties.
  • BEST Thailand initiated the BEST Sharing Happiness to Society Program, and made more than 20 donations of daily necessities and medical supplies, worth around THB 2 million (US$ 57,800), throughout the year.
  • BEST Vietnam assisted in the improvement of local transportation infrastructure by appropriating VND 1 billion (US$ 43,250) to be used in the construction of 10 concrete bridges.

- Customers and clients – BEST spared no effort in shaping intelligent distribution and warehousing, and boosting its use of technology. In 2021, BEST:

  •  unveiled its SaaS service suite, which was instrumental in promoting the intelligent application of digital technologies across national and international E-commerce platforms, logistics service providers, and retailers; and
  • served over 6.5 million online customers with its AI customer service robot, solving almost 80% of problems in the first incoming call.

- Workplace – BEST devoted significant time and resources to the selection, development, and retention of its valued workforce. In 2021, BEST:

  •  held 6,394 training sessions at its BEST Academy, and launched a new program named Organizational Experience that selected 334 outstanding cases of positive experiences that deserved to be shared across the organization; and
  • entered into long-term strategic cooperation agreements with over 200 colleges and universities, focusing on school-to-enterprise talent training and furthering the integration of industry and education.

- Corporate governance  BEST proactively worked to promote service quality, workplace safety, and internal risk management. In 2021, BEST:

  • conducted 8,087 safety activities, identified 16,827 hidden dangers, and rectified 16,758 risks, with a rectification rate of 99.6%; and
  • completed 177 Quality Control Circle projects and 34 Lean Six Sigma projects.

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