Yoona, the First Femtech Wellness Company, Launches a New Variant of Eco-Friendly Organic Sanitary Pads

With the sophistication of female technology (femtech), Yoona presents the first subscription system for sanitary pads in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Yoona Digital Indonesia, a female technology (femtech) company based in Indonesia, has launched Yoona All Night pads 36cm, adding to their three previous products: pantyliners, 24.5cm day pads, and 29cm night pads. Yoona uses 100% organic materials that are chemical-free, thus ensuring comfort and health of women during their menstruation period.

Yoona, the First Femtech Wellness Company, Launches a New Variant of Eco-Friendly Organic Sanitary Pads

Yoona launches the latest variant of All Night pads 36cm made from 100% organic and environmentally friendly materials. From left to right: Founder and Co-Founders of Yoona Adrianto Hermawi, Susanna Angraini, and Benny Sutandio.

The founding of Yoona begun from the personal experience of Susanna Angraini, CEO and Founder of Yoona Digital Indonesia, and her daughters who had a hard time finding pads that were suitable for their sensitive skin. "After doing a lot of research, I found out that are a lot of women there with the same–however, talking about this issue is often considered taboo. To provide a solution against irritation and rashes caused using unhealthy sanitary pads, we launched organic sanitary pads that are free of bleach, fragrance, and chemicals that are urgently needed by all women in Indonesia."

With the concept of female wellness, Yoona's sanitary pads consist of Negative Ion Anion Strip technology as an antibacterial that prevents itching and strong odors from the feminine area. Furthermore, Yoona's sanitary pads are also equipped with food-grade adhesives that are safe to use.

Made from 100% Organic, Yoona Affirms Its Contribution to the Environment

According to the World Bank, Indonesia produces around 7.8 million tons of plastic waste annually and 4.9 million tons of plastic waste are not handled properly. In fact, various sources reveal that plastic sanitary pads generally take hundreds of years to decompose, thus bringing a major impact on environmental damage.

Yoona's sanitary pads use 100% high quality German and Japanese organic cotton which is extra thin and highly absorbent. As a result, all of Yoona's sanitary pads are biodegradable within 6-12 months, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability.

Yoona has various certifications in the health and sustainability fields, including the AKL certification and distribution permit from Indonesia's Ministry of Health, Halal Certification from New York, FDA Approved, and Organic Certification from ECOCERT.

The first sanitary pads in Indonesia to implement a subscription system

With its femtech innovation, Yoona presents a breakthrough as the first and only brand of sanitary pads in Indonesia that implements a subscription-based model. By choosing to subscribe when shopping on the yoona.id site, every month customers will receive a package of Yoona products sent directly to their homes. Customers can adjust their preferred delivery schedule based on their menstrual cycle.

Yoona also continues to be committed to inspiring women through the #NeverSettleForLess campaign. "One of the main problems in Indonesia is that women tend to normalize discomfort during menstruation, such as pain or itching in the female area. By collaborating with various health experts, communities, and influencers, through the tagline #NeverSettleForLess, Yoona continues to promote various educational programs so that all women can have the courage to fight for their values, health, and comfort for a better life," concluded Susanna.

Yoona's various educational contents related to menstrual literacy and women's health can be accessed at Yoona's Instagram and website.

For more information visit https://yoona.id/ 

About Yoona Digital Indonesia
PT Yoona Digital Indonesia is a female wellness company. Yoona understands that everyone's journey to a balanced and healthy lifestyle is different, very personal, and important at every stage.

Together with Yoona Digital Indonesia's Co-Founders, Adrianto Hermawi and Benny Sutandio, Susanna Anggraini is committed to promote innovations and products that are high quality, safe, and affordable. Yoona is determined to prioritize a journey that is enjoyable for all women towards a healthy lifestyle, as well as for a sustainable environment.

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