Global events in November 2022 highlight fundamental changes in how enterprises work

SINGAPORE, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Laiye, the global leader of Intelligent Automation, today announced its global conference series, to take place in November 2022. The Singapore event will be held on 3rd November.

The Make Work Better Summit will explore and detail how work and operating environments have irrevocably changed, and how companies' work execution needs to urgently adjust and respond.

The "Future of Work Is Already Here", and it needs actionable solutions to dramatically increase Enterprise labour productivity whilst at the same time improving employee engagement and connection. There are still far too many manual and repetitive processes that block innovative strategies and lower competitiveness in this new world of work. Laiye will take its summit attendees and customers on a practical, actionable journey that shows the benefits to all parties, from employers to employees to customers, by enabling automation, innovation, and new insights across the organization.

"This event will lay out what we see as the next step in the Future of Work," said Arvid Wang, CEO of Laiye. "Organisations to stay competitive in these turbulent times must understand how to deploy "Work Execution Systems" which open the door to greater efficiency, productivity, and ultimately the digital transformation of their workforce."

This holistic Intelligent Automation capability empowers workers to undertake higher-value tasks and delivers greater job satisfaction as they grow their careers. Laiye will also demonstrate and prove how businesses can outperform their competitors even in uncertain times through the implementation of the very first fully-integrated Intelligent Automation platform.


  • 1st November 2022 - London
  • 3rd November 2022 - Singapore
  • 4th November 2022 - Beijing
  • 8th November - Shanghai
  • 17th November 2022 - Shenzhen
  • 17th November 2022 - São Paulo

Highlights of the tour:

  • Findings of our global research, pointing to the urgent need for changing the way we work
  • Launching Laiye's "Work Execution Platform", a native AI platform that Integrates knowledge work with any system or data source by empowering any worker or developer
  • The first Intelligent Automation "Open" Ecosystem that includes all IA Software companies
  • Customer success stories and practical tips
  • Evolving Laiye's industry-first business results-guarantee model which can truly transform the relationship between people and technology.

Register for the Work Better Summit here. 

Source: Laiye
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