Bedsure Reduces the Need for a Heater for a Greener and More Cost-Effective Winter with New Electric Lineup

DIAMOND BAR, China, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Experts predict that climate change is causing the winter of 2022 to be unprecedentedly cold, and global events are skyrocketing the cost of energy. Bedsure, a global leading home textile brand with over 25 million cozy customers served, has refreshed its electric blanket products with comprehensive feature upgrades, which help customers to reduce their energy consumption this winter by reducing the need for a heater.

The comprehensive upgrade to the product lineup comes in several aspects, including power efficiency, product performance, practicality, and convenience. All upgrades were made toward a greener and more cost-effective winter with a reduced need for a heater to combat the winter cold.

Improved Efficiency in Bedsure Ribbed Flannel Heated Blanket and Bedsure Solid Flannel Heated Blanket

The Bedsure Ribbed Flannel Heated Blanket and the Bedsure Solid Flannel Heated Blanket are loved by customers looking for extra coziness during colder days since launch. The respective 4.6/5 Star rating and Amazon's Choice status on the products prove the popularity among customers.

The two variations of heated flannel blankets have received improvements in performance efficiency, as they can now be heated up to 104°F in as little as 35 minutes, a near 40% improvement over the industry average, with the maximum temperature can be set as high as 113°F for those combating extreme cold weather.

With the flannel heated blankets turned on, customers will get desired warmth and coziness in a short moment, which eliminates the need for a space heater during chilly winter days.

Compared to a high energy-consuming space heater, the Bedsure Ribbed Flannel Heated Blanket and the Bedsure Solid Flannel Heated Blanket can save up to 90% in carbon footprints and electricity bills each year, which adds up rapidly.

Improved Practicality in Bedsure Quilted Coral Fleece Heated Mattress Pad

The Bedsure Quilted Coral Fleece Heated Mattress Pad received a practicality upgrade. The heated mattress pad provides sleepers with a warm and cozy sleep haven that promotes better blood flow. In addition, its PTC/NTC heating wire delivers stable heating levels that offer a cozy sleep haven to sleepers for an extra sound night's sleep.

The Bedsure Quilted Coral Fleece Heated Mattress Pad now comes in two separate controllers to allow couples to set their own desired temperatures. The upgrade lets couples share cozy sweet dreams while having their sleep haven set to meet their individual preference, making the mattress pad a must-have for couples with different beddings and temperature needs.

The zoned design on the Bedsure Quilted Coral Fleece Heated Mattress Pad creates the utmost coziness that adapts to the preference of each person of a loving couple, effectively reducing the energy consumption from other thermoregulation devices, such as a heater or an air conditioner.

The Bedsure Quilted Coral Fleece Heated Mattress Pad is a safe and reliable warmth provider that complies with the UL964 standards for its safety. The product can help an average household to trim off up to 76% a year on the heating bill.

In addition, Bedsure has also upgraded the classic Bedsure Faux Fur Low-Voltage Heated Blanket with added convenience features for frequent travelers.

The Bedsure Faux Fur Low Voltage Heated Blanket provides wearers with a warm and thick shield against extreme cold weather. This year, Bedsure has upgraded the heated faux fur blanket to work with 110v-240v power voltage, making this compact and lightweight blanket a travel essential, especially for those traveling to a colder region.

With a power adapter built in, the Bedsure Faux Fur Low Voltage Heated Blanket can convert high voltage AC home current into the low 24 volt DC, making the international travel-friendly blanket more power efficient. In addition, this blanket is also UL964 compliant for assured safety.

The Bedsure Faux Fur Low Voltage Heated Blanket now comes with the Bedsure Smiley Face Controller with four heating levels with four timer settings. The color-changing temperature indicator interface gives its wearer accurate temperature information with a glance.

The new Bedsure Faux Fur Low Voltage Heated Blanket is available in Black, Grey, Navy, and Brown on Amazon and

Moving forward, Bedsure is dedicated to continuing its mission to provide customers with comfort and coziness. In the days leading up to the winter season, Bedsure is set to release even more cozy winter products at a great value that will bring coziness to every home. For Bedsure's full product lineup, please visit:

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