OriCiro Genomics expand into Boston, Open new office in North America

TOKYO, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- OriCiro Genomics K.K. a pioneer in cell-free synthesis and amplification of genome-scale large DNA for advanced therapeutics and synthetic biology, today announced the open US office in North America. 

In the midst of the genomic revolution, OriCiro is on a mission to Accelerating the Bioeconomy through innovative DNA technologies.

OriCiro has rapidly developed its cell-free cloning technology over the past two years, launching three cell-free DNA tools as reagent kits and 700 reagent kits have been sold worldwide so far.

At the same time, OriCiro has expanded custom services to accept up to 200 kb size of DNA. They have been ordered and delivered for seven projects that were failure or difficult to synthesize using PCR or cell-based cloning methods. 60% of their sales come from customer outside of Japan.

To further expand their business, OriCiro is entering North America, the largest market in the life science industry.

The US office will cover North America and Canada. They already have a sales force in place. They can accept order directly from those territories and customers in the following product and services.

OriCiro Cell-Free Cloning system

  • Multiple fragments can be assembled and amplified up to 50 kb circular DNA
  • Efficient amplification of repeat sequence, GC rich and cytotoxic sequence
  • 10,000 times more accurate amplification vs PCR (Taq polymerase)

OriCiro Cell-Free Switching system

  • Skip primer design, and simply mix your plasmid in the tube reaction
  • Applicable to pUC-, pET- and pGEM-based vectors of 4-13 kb
  • Efficient cloning for cytotoxic sequences

Custom service

  • Amplification of long DNA (up to 200kb) and sequences difficult to amplify by PCR or E.coli
  • Making a library of Plasmid DNA for transfection
  • Phage/Virus genome production, DNA repair templates for gene editing in T cells therapy

For more information, please visit https://www.oriciro.com/.  

About OriCiro Genomics

OriCiro is focused on the development and commercialization of cell-free synthesis and amplification technology of genome-scale large DNA for applications in gene/cell-based therapy and synthetic biology. OriCiro's proprietary technology is positioned to unlock the possibility of advanced therapy and synthetic biology by providing a powerful tool used for research, development and manufacturing in multiple industries including pharmaceutical, diagnostics, agriculture and food sectors. The company is located in Tokyo, Japan.

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