CAW 10th Year Anniversary Press release - Singapore

CAW 10th Year Anniversary Press release - Singapore

Singapore Based Media Agency Launches an incubator - the Freelancer Nation - to Support Freelancing Community

SINGAPORE, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Commemorating its 10th anniversary, Singapore-based freelancing creative network, CreativesAtWork Pte Ltd, is launching Freelancer Nation, an exclusive incubator for super freelancers from the region. CreativesAtWork's vision is to work with high caliber freelancers and bring them to the next level by providing funding, training, and administrative support services.


"At CreativesAtWork, we always ask ourselves how we can provide our freelancers with a more stable and meaningful freelance career. With Freelancer Nation, we can supercharge our freelancers' career by futureproofing their repertoire through upskilling, helping them create multiple revenue streams, and working with them to build viable businesses." said Co-founder Jayce Tham, Chief Business Woman of CreativesAtWork.

The premise of Freelancer Nation is to provide an environment conducive for creatives to thrive and innovate; freelancers will be able to focus on their work without having to worry about running their businesses all by themselves. Those on board can tap on amenities such as co-sharing spaces, meeting rooms, production facilities, administrative support, access to training and networking opportunities.

"In our early days, we focused our resources on sourcing jobs for our freelance community. But now, we will pivot toward building sustainable and scalable businesses for our freelancers. The goal is to empower our freelancers by helping them build prospering businesses that they can call their own," said Co-founder Fanny Tham, Chief Worker at CreativesAtWork.

"I first started my freelance assignment with CreativesAtWork back when I was still schooling. Today, I am a content creator and an agency owner. I have also launched a metaverse game titled "Moonsie". I am heartened that CreativesAtWork is helping more freelancers to realise our dream." - Jaze Phua , a freelance content creator, who went on to  found Pandastic Media, a creative agency.

Complementing Freelancer Nation is the EXECUTE app. EXECUTE is an AI powered, end-to-end project management platform designed to address tight timelines and turnaround for any creative project. This one-stop platform will provide users 24/7 global access to a curated pool of expert freelancers specially handpicked by CreativesAtWork.

"We believe technology will play an important role in the evolution of work," said Co-founder Jayce Tham. Freelancer Nation will help creative freelancers leverage business opportunities in the new creator economy of both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. EXECUTE app will help our clients access high quality freelancers at their fingertips.

"CreativesAtWork have partnered with us in supercharging our creative content needs for our brands. The launch of EXECUTE to complement their project management services would be a value add to clients in enabling turnarounds with tight timelines." - Prasanna Bhaskar, Regional Head APAC, Deckers Asia Pacific.

"We seek to build a sustainable ecosystem that empowers freelancers to do their best work without worrying about administrative tasks. A freelancer's flexibility is a strength that benefits both the freelancer and the client. Since 2016, we have been providing training workshops to upskill our freelancers and hone their strengths," said Co-founder Jayce Tham, Chief Businesswoman of CreativesAtWork. "We will continue investing in our freelance community, supporting the training and upskilling of freelancers and leveraging on innovative technology to build a strong and forward thinking creative community where freelancers support freelancers."

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About CreativesAtWork

CreativesAtWork ["CAW'] is a Singapore-based, full-service creative agency that links progressive clients with a curated network of freelance creative professionals who cover every consumer touchpoint including digital, social, mobile, broadcast, print, events, and out-of-home advertising.

Launched in 2012 with the aspiration to help its network of freelancers get more jobs in the film and broadcast sector, CAW has grown into an ecosystem comprising original content creation, project management and training. With more than 1,500 curated freelancers across various creative skill sets , CAW has completed over 3,000 projects worth more than $12 million.

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Jayce Tham
Chief Businesswoman of CreativesAtWork

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Chief Worker of CreativesAtWork

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