DelSiTech and Anticancer Bioscience Announce a Collaboration Agreement for the Development of Long-acting Therapies in Oncology

TURKU, Finland, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- DelSiTech Ltd, the leading silica drug delivery technology company, based in Finland and Anticancer Bioscience Ltd., an innovative China-base and international company pioneers in synthetic lethal approaches to precision oncology, today announced a notable collaboration pertaining to the development of silica-based long-acting controlled release treatments in oncology. The collaboration joins key European innovations in biomaterials and the pinnacle of Chinese drug research innovation emerging from the prestigious J. Michael Bishop Institute of Cancer Research, mentored by the year 1989 Noble prize winner Professor J. Michael Bishop.

While numerous therapies have shown significant promise in oncology, many still face difficult challenges that can be conveniently addressed by formulation technologies. While otherwise effective, shortcomings in solubility, bioavailability, pharmacokinetics paired with a narrow therapeutic index, practicality, side-effects and instability of the effective treatment can result in patients with life-threatening circumstances left with fewer treatment options.

Dr. Lasse Leino, CEO of DelSiTech, commented: "We are excited and proud to be collaborating with our innovative and forward-thinking partner in China to develop practical solutions to treat cancer patients world-wide. This new collaboration highlights the versatility of our Silica Matrix platform which is suitable for therapeutic applications in oncology. We estimate that in the future, many treatment modalities for cancer diseases will be centred on long-acting controlled release products. Recently, we presented data on how widely used anticancer peptides goserelin and triptorelin can be formulated into Silica Matrix to produce injectable long-acting products."

Dr. Dun Yang PhD, Founder, President, and CEO of Anticancer Bioscience, commented: "We are excited to be working with DelSiTech. The delivery of our cancer therapeutics using DelSiTech's proprietary drug delivery technology will enable us to explore novel mechanisms of action and new indications for our therapeutics. We recognize the need to partner with companies like DelSiTech who specialise in drug delivery, to maximize patient outcomes."

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About DelSiTech

DelSiTech Ltd., located in Turku, Finland, is the leading technology specialist in biodegradable silica-based controlled release of small molecule drugs, biologics, and viral vectors. It develops and commercializes its proprietary, drug delivery technology in collaboration with a number of pharma and biotech companies to turn their ideas into novel drug products. For more information, see

About DelSiTech™ Silica Matrix

Silica Matrix is an advanced delivery technology platform for parenteral and local administration of injectable and implant dosage forms as well as eye drops. The proprietary technology is based on silica (SiO2) matrix into which the molecule or therapeutic agent of interest is embedded using a process called sol-gel. The resulting Silica Matrix is non-porous, biocompatible and it can be designed to biodegrade by matrix dissolution at the desired rate to ensure a tightly controlled release of the active substance over periods of days up to many months or a year.

About Anticancer Bioscience

Anticancer Bioscience (ACB) is an international private company, commercialising discoveries emerging from China's world-leading cancer research at the J. Michael Bishop Institute of Cancer Research. With pioneers in synthetic lethal approaches to precision oncology and experts in MYC biology and cell division, ACB was founded in 2016 in Chengdu, China. ACB is based on over 20 years of collaborative research between founder Dr. Dun Yang and his Nobel laureate mentor Dr. J. Michael Bishop. It has raised CNY131m (~USD21m) and has operations in Chengdu, China, Hyderabad, India, San Francisco, USA, and St Andrews, UK.

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