Sinclair Pharma Partners with Vanguard Aesthetics to Launch Silhouette Soft in Malaysia

Sinclair Pharma Partners with Vanguard Aesthetics to Launch Silhouette Soft in Malaysia

Equipped with the world's only cone technology for optimal lift, Silhouette Soft provides longer lasting results.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Sinclair Pharma, a global pharmaceutical brand providing aesthetic dermatology and collagen solutions is collaborating exclusively with Vanguard Aesthetics to bring the Silhouette Soft treatment to the Malaysian market.

"We were on the lookout to bring Malaysians reliable, safe, and effective thread lift treatments. With Vanguard's track record within the industry, we believe that this collaboration will further provide a reputable avenue for aesthetic practitioners to meet the growing demands for minimally invasive procedures," said Nairn McMaster, CCO of Sinclair Pharma.

Along with providing an alternate minimally invasive thread lift treatment in the region, this partnership also brings about enhanced in-class training for practitioners for proper handling and treatment procedures while reducing risk factors such as downtime and recovery process. In addition, Silhouette Soft is approved in over 50 countries globally and is European CE marked.

In response to the new endeavour, Ryan Ng, Vanguard Aesthetics CEO said "Having already established ourselves as one of Southeast Asia's largest medical aesthetic distributors, Vanguard continually looks for positive growth. Our exclusive partnership with Sinclair allows us to add the world's premier thread lifting treatment to our portfolio, which is a great step towards fulfilling our mission. By distributing Silhouette Soft, we are set to open up the Malaysian anti-ageing market to one of the world's most innovative solutions."

Silhouette Soft's Patented Technology

Made in the USA, Silhouette Soft devices deliver an immediate tissue lifting and repositioning effect. This is a result of the high tissue engaging capacity provided by the large surface area of the patented cone technology. Furthermore, the durable, biocompatible and bioresorbable materials (PLLA and PLGA) have been proven to promote neocollagenesis. This biological fixation results in a sustained repositioning effect combined with gradual skin quality improvements that can last up to 24 months. Silhouette Soft's threads are effective in areas that are prone to skin sagging.

"With over 1.8 million threads used worldwide, Silhouette Soft is a popular and trusted thread lift procedure that has been well studied by over 10 medical publications. What sets us apart in the thread lifting class however is our Cone technology design, which effectively lifts the skin and stimulate collagen type 1 up to 24 months," Bernice Simpson, Silhouette Soft Global Brand Manager added.

Due to the rising demand for less invasive procedures, thread lifting can offer significant age-defying results without going under the knife. Bloomberg reported that by 2028, the cosmetic surgery market is predicted to be worth $64.88 billion. Relevantly, this growth is driven by the demand for minimally or non-invasive procedures as well as rising awareness of advanced techniques. Silhouette Soft with its unique and dependable Cone technology is looking to answer that demand in the coming years.

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About Sinclair Pharma

Sinclair Pharma is an international pharmaceutical company providing aesthetic dermatology and collagen solutions for facial volume loss, thread lifting for facial contouring and dermal fillers for wrinkles and lines. Sinclair has a portfolio of differentiated complementary aesthetics technologies with a focus on collagen stimulation. Their goal is to provide scientifically advanced products, exceptional practice support, and deliver unmatched patient outcomes.

About Vanguard Aesthetics

Vanguard Aesthetics is a dynamic and visionary distributor dealing in innovative medical aesthetic devices and products with a keen focus on Southeast Asia. Vanguard's mission is to deliver and provide safe and proven technologies to partners to create a positive impact and drive an even bigger change by helping people live and look better.

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