NUS Business School launches new Master of Science in Strategic Analysis and Innovation for pre-experience graduates

SINGAPORE, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Pre-experience graduates can benefit from a new Master's programme that will equip them with both sustainable strategies and innovation skills to drive firm performance. The National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School's new Master of Science in Strategic Analysis and Innovation (MSI) programme will nurture young talent for future careers in management, consulting, entrepreneurship and more.

NUS Business School launches new Master of Science in Strategic Analysis and Innovation for pre-experience graduates

This programme emphasises students' immersion in the key business themes of innovation, strategy making and execution. Students will also develop skills in data-informed analysis, develop sensitivity to stakeholders' requirements, and work collaboratively to solve challenging problems. In addition, the programme gives students a broader and more holistic perspective of business operations, the key drivers of firm performance as well as the interrelationships among them.

Applications for the one-year full-time programme will start on 1 October 2022. The inaugural cohort of about 35 students will begin classes in August 2023.

Associate Professor Nitin Pangarkar, Academic Director of the NUS MSI programme, said, "In an increasingly data-driven world, business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs need to make use of the abundance of data that the organisations today possess to make decisions, devise growth strategies and drive innovation. Our NUS MSI programme will give executives the knowledge to integrate innovation into business strategies to transform their business and stay relevant."

In a McKinsey survey in 2020 with more than 200 organisations across industries, only 21 per cent of executives said they have the expertise, resources and commitment to pursue new growth successfully.

"Many longstanding industries such as banking, publishing, and brick-and-mortar retailing are being disrupted by technology and changing consumer demands. Business owners must stay adaptable and open-minded to opportunities for change and growth so they do not fall behind and risk obsolescence. Pre-experience graduates, or graduates with little or no experience, have a tremendous opportunity to acquire knowledge about the key frameworks and analytical tools for strategy and innovation, and thus become better managers and entrepreneurs. Our NUS MSI programme will give them a boost in the skills needed for technological and business innovation, increasing their employability in a variety of roles and industries," added Assoc Prof Pangarkar.

Distinguished Professor Andrew Rose, Dean of NUS Business School, said, "Asia is experiencing rapid change but there are also tremendous growth opportunities. A rigorous NUS Business School education can help students to ride on the waves of change and create an impact, not just in Asia but also beyond. Besides learning from our best faculty members, students also gain from a vibrant student life, our industry partnerships and mentorship from our large alumni network. It will be a transformative journey for them."

For more info, visit or speak to the team at the upcoming info session on 29 October 2022.

Source: NUS Business School
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