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HONG KONG, Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, TSS, an all-round human resources service provider, has unveiled its new brand identity and tagline. Since May, the company has rolled out a branding campaign to reflect its current position in the market, including the launch of a taxi advertisement campaign, with 100 TSS taxis showcasing its offerings across Hong Kong.

Riding on the recognition as Recruitment Firm of the Year 2021/22, TSS is committed to continuing its efforts in pushing frontiers on the front of recruitment and staffing solutions.

With TSS' firm belief in people and long-term partnership, the new tagline is as follows:

Impact through People and Beyond

TSS believes in impact and empowerment through tailored recruitment services, as well as long-term partnerships with our clients that look beyond the constraints of contract-bounded timelines. Rooted in TSS' 4-D approach (Diagnosis, Design, Delivery, Diligence), it is ready to continue its legacy in helping companies find the right people while formulating flexible recruiting strategies for clients to meet their aspirations.

Commenting on TSS' new tagline, Joe Wan, CEO of Tricor Hong Kong said,

"I am pleased to see TSS' branding coming into fruition today. With the belief in impact through people and beyond, I am sure that TSS will reach new heights with professionalism and innovation in the years to come."   

Conbie Siu, Head of TSS, further commented

"The new tagline represents our ambitions and reflects how TSS has evolved in recent years. Our extensive recruitment platforms and channels, as well as our deep knowledge of local employment regulations, will continue to act as the back rock for our clients and partners'."

Built by Tricor Hong Kong, TSS offers a complete suite of recruitment services and staffing solutions to clients, assisting them in identifying and recruiting the right talents. The scope of services includes routine and specialist recruitment, executive search, professional employer organization (PEO) and staffing service.

About Tricor Hong Kong:

Founded in 2000, Tricor Hong Kong has been the leading business expansion specialist in Asia. Our team of 600+ professionals serves over 10,000 clients across industries, including more than 50% of listed companies from Hong Kong and mainland China.

Tricor Hong Kong's business expansion solutions include integrated business management advisory, corporate administration and secretarial services, trust and fiduciary services, and human resource consultation. Tricor Inside, our unique approach to business expansion, empowers companies to seamlessly maneuver from start-up to IPO and beyond.

Take your first step towards business success with Tricor. Join the industry leaders, and get to know more at https://hongkong.tricorglobal.com/.

About TSS:

TSS is an all-round human resources service provider. Our comprehensive HR solutions and services span executive search, routine and specialist recruitment, professional employment organization (PEO), functional outsourcing, payroll services, personal tax filing, employee benefit management and more. We are committed to helping companies build the right workforce, as well as reduce administrative burdens of HR tasks while saving costs.

Besides, our wide client base could help job seekers look for opportunities to work in some of their most desired firms that best match their skillsets and career aspirations. TSS received Platinum award for Recruitment Firm of the Year (Elite) at the JobsDB's Hong Kong HR Awards 2021/22. To take your first step towards business success and adopt the best-in-class people management with TSS, visit http://www.tss.com.hk/.

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