LILYSILK Celebrates 12-Year of Milestones and Growth

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's leading silk brand LILYSILK is thrilled to announce that the company is celebrating its 12-year growth during which it has strengthened the brand's identity as a silk garment expert and innovator committed to creating ultra-comfortable and chic womenswear using luxurious silk fabrics. 

LILYSILK Celebrates 12-Year of Milestones and Growth


The new milestone is marked by a reimagined logo featuring a lily crown with two floating letters "S" wrapping around the "I" that symbolizes a women figure. The new curvy icon celebrates feminine beauty illuminating with a silky elegance and heralds a new chapter for LILYSILK as it continues to make the best silk products for customers worldwide.

"It's been an amazing 12 years, thanks to the support from our customers and partners who helped us leap from one achievement to the next. We want to thank you all for being with us every step along the way," says David Wang, CEO of LILYSILK.

This year, LILYSILK built on its classic legacy design while combining upgrades to inspire a new change. The brand launched a new print, Vintage Lily, and a new "Lily White" color. For greater flexibility, LILYSILK has introduced the Silk Oversize Style (SOS) Shirt, with its design emphasizing functionality and sustainability to craft an ultimate "everyday shirt".  LILYSILK also paired up with Mika Ninagawa, a filmmaker and photography icon in Japan, to launch a special summer lineup.

The new designs made an instant splash and were on the go-to fashion list of A-list celebrities, seen worn by Viola Davis. Another stunning piece Rectangular Silk Lily Scarf was also sported by Anne Hathaway at the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

Viola Davis Dons LILYSILK for Deadline Contenders Event

Beyond its glamour under the spotlight, LILYSILK is also a purveyor of sustainable fashion, spearheading a host of initiatives to cut its carbon footprint and address the environmental challenges in the fashion sector. LILYSILK uses natural premium materials for all its products, including its patent-owned LILYÁUREA™, an extremely skin-friendly and undyed silk fabric that shines with a stunningly bright golden color.

Anne Hathaway Exudes Effortless Chic in LILYSILK During the 75th Cannes Film Festival

LILYSILK's latest sustainable effort is the partnership with TerraCycle®, a world-leading recycling solution provider, to complete its first Eco-Loop for its business operation in the US. The tie-up is an extension to its Zero Waste Movement designed to recycle and reuse non-donatable fabrics, strengthening its ability to achieve on-demand manufacturing and strong biodegradability for product packaging.

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