The 2022 Shenzhen Fashion Festival and Shenzhen International Fashion Industry Expo are successfully held in August

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- 2022 Shenzhen International Fashion Industry Expo was held in Shenzhen (Futian) Convention and Exhibition Center from August 10 to 12. As its first session, the organizing committee has carefully prepared for several months, and the fashion industry expo is solemnly opened with a new attitude. New forms, new contents, new paths, fashion elements gather together to set off a trend storm and bring a new fashion festival.

The annual output value of "fashion" industry exceeds one tenth of Shenzhen's GDP and plays an important role in Shenzhen's economic construction. The 2022 Shenzhen International Fashion Industry Expo takes advantage of the momentum to expand and upgrade the scale. The fashion industry will join hands with the Expo to make a brilliant debut and inject new momentum into fashion.

During this show, the form of "Exhibition + live broadcast" further expanded the audience of traditional exhibitions from "B" to "C", and the immersive exhibition form significantly improved the exhibition effect; Second, content upgrading, new exhibition brands, new fashion elements and joint live broadcast form can not only enhance the influence of brands, products and exhibitions, but also brought direct brand publicity and economic benefits to exhibitors; what's more, the upgrading of the communication path was worthy to mention. The head anchor brought goods on the spot, the live broadcast of major platforms enhanced the communication strength and expanded the communication scope.

The epidemic has changed the people's daily life style and affected people's travel. However, it wont's affect people's pursuit of fashion. This show gathers well-known fashion brands at home and abroad, and brings exhibitors of fashion industry, fashion sports, fashion technology and other forms and categories all together. The exhibition products include clothing, gold jewelry, watch accessories, watches, leather, glasses, smart wear, sportswear, graphene, nano materials, flexible sensing technology, carbon fiber and other new R & D technologies and new materials applied to the fashion industry, broadening the " fashion" field. Made a fashion gala, built an undefined fashion exhibition platform.

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