17 Sing App Celebrates 7th Anniversary

A New Journey Opens for Music Socialization

TAIPEI, Aug. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In August 2022, 17 Sing app launched the theme activity "Invite you to burn the summer in the name of love" to share the joy of the seventh anniversary celebration with users. It is also hoped that through this online interaction, users will be able to communicate with each other in the app and further develop into a high-quality music social app.

In 2015, the 17 Sing app surpassed 500,000 registered users within six months of its launch and topped the APP Store download charts for three consecutive years. In seven years, users have covered Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and many other Chinese-speaking regions. Countless young people in the Chinese-speaking circle love to sing karaoke and socialize, and have contributed countless exquisite and interesting high-quality karaoke works. In the future, the app will continue to invest in strong tech research to provide powerful online karaoke functions to help them better learn professional singing skills; it will also create a fun, interesting and interactive integration for music lovers' social platform.

When it comes to the user affirmations and achievements obtained by the 17 Sing APP, Jason Hong, the CEO of 17 Sing, said, "I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in the past seven years. I am honoured to lead this diverse business and the nearly three hundred people who make this company better and bring their best to work every day. The brand is a very young company, and every day that passes is worth celebrating, especially as we mark the milestone of our seventh anniversary. I celebrate not only the growth of our brand but also the direction in which we are taking our business, from understanding user needs to enhancing the user experience. At the same time, we have also made great strides in developing our product features."

Since the launch of the app, we have continued to develop new features for online karaoke, such as the "Private Chorus", "AI Rating", "Personalised MV", "Quick Sing" and other interactive modes, as well as a series of powerful sound effects for users to choose from. In the future, 17 Sing will continue to update its Karaoke features, starting with improving the user's singing experience by combining powerful artificial intelligence technology, changing the pitch of singing through analysis, and developing the "One Click Voice Repair" function. In line with the development direction of technological innovation, the 17 Sing app team has been continuously investing in research and development staff to update and optimise the core karaoke functions. In the future, "One Click Voice Repair" will become a special feature of 17 Sing, helping more ordinary users to experience the charm of singing through technology.

In addition to the core Karaoke function, 17 Sing has also launched the "Music Community" and "Live Streaming" functions. These features are based on modern young people's passion for music and the pursuit of music dreams. Only when users can share common topics in terms of their views or interests can they be motivated to create content in the app, making the conversation endless. They can also tell their stories to others through karaoke room interaction, retweeting, sharing, commenting, and sending circle messages to further deepen their emotional connection. 

Hailee, Vice President and co-founder of the app, said, "After seven years of entrepreneurship, we are very grateful to our users who have supported us along the way. Reaching out to a global Chinese audience from Taiwan has allowed us to reach a wider audience and share the story behind our brand. This journey has created a unique connection with our users, as the app blends music interests with social interaction, and users have grown up on this ground, making a connection that cannot be found in other areas through a commercial model. We are excited to continue to develop the brand with our users." 

The mobile web has activated the era of social networking for all, such as stranger social networking, marriage social networking, acquaintance social networking, workplace social networking, and so on. Among the many social sub-segments, social interests are a strong demand that cannot be ignored. Music plays an important role in people's social lives, and in the app, music becomes a second language for communication, helping users to expand their new friendship circles and build emotional connections. Users can also run their own clan in the app, forming groups or inviting others to sing and chat with them. The difference is that in a clan, users can use music as an anchor point to meet new friends who share the same interests and are not limited to acquaintances.

In its seventh anniversary year, Jubilee also launched the "Music Community," which allows users to make friends with music lovers in the music community through social features. In the coming years, this app will further develop functions that combine music and social interaction to connect users with music-based social interaction and enrich the user experience.

With the optimisation and addition of new features, from recording to choral singing, from chatting to live streaming, the gameplay has become more varied with more improved functions, attracting thousands of singers who share a passion for karaoke to meet at 17 Sing, building an active creative atmosphere on the platform and leaving countless beautiful songs and memories together. In the "Seventh Anniversary, My Story with 17 Sing" campaign, users shared their stories. There are numerous heartwarming moments.

Real feedback from 17 Sing users
Q: Do you remember the first time you played 17 Sing ?
A: "Tzu (UID: 5620590)": I can't clearly remember the first time I used it, but I've  checked in for 1500 days in a row now.
A: "Aaron (UID: 5263822)": I remember very clearly that I first played on 25th April 2015 and sang my first song, "SpongeBob", on 6th September.

Q: What is your favourite feature of 17 Sing?
A: "Myth Gao Xiaoxiao (UID: 3686895)": Simply recording works when you don't want to reveal your face. On the contrary, you can record MV when you want to express yourself. There is also the new community, which I really appreciate. I will use it to write daily updates to share my feelings.
A: "Aaron (UID: 5263822)": Every feature on 17 Sing has its own merits and meaning, and I like every one of them. My favourite feature is the video uploading feature, which is only available to certain users, so I treasure it. This is because I can upload my video creations, music videos and meaningful content to the platform so that more people can see my work.

Q: What did you learn from 17 Sing?
A: "Aaron (UID: 5263822)": I have gained a lot along the way in the past seven years. I have met a group of like-minded friends and met my other half on 17 Sing.
A: "Helianthus Sufu (UID: 490680)" has met a lot of people who like to sing, and although my singing skills are not superb, they have improved a lot compared to before.

Q: Do you have anything to say to 17 Sing?
A: "Nicole (UID: 167213)": I've been playing for seven years and I think that the sound quality is better than other platforms, and I've put a lot of effort into the management. The main point is that you don't need a lot of equipment to record well, and it's so touching that you can record a song with just one earphone.
A: "Aaron (UID: 5263822)": Since I started downloading it back then, I've been using it as a diary to post all my moods. I think I've grown a lot from being a socially indifferent person at the beginning to having a wide social circle now.

About 17 Sing APP

The app was launched in Taiwan in 2015, and has spread to Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and other Chinese-speaking markets, and It is favored by countless young people in the Chinese speaking circle. In order to better meet the needs of the younger generation, the app continues to introduce features such as "live streaming" and "music community" that are of interest to Generation Z to enhance communication between users . Additionally, users can practice singing in the app, not only through "AI scoring" to adjust their voice and improve their singing skills. The app can also collect popular songs for users through big data, and recommend accurate karaoke song lists for users based on their karaoke habits.

"If you karaoke on your mobile phone, just come to the 17 Sing app!" Join the family and communicate with other members. Participate in the official singing activities to win awards. Use the most common mobile phone and headphones to record the most beautiful sound. For more information about 17 Sing, visit its official Facebook fan page. You can also download the experience from the official website of 17 Sing to communicate with users in depth and sing together. Download the song now and start the karaoke immersion trip without leaving home.

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