The Season 7 XCMG Apprentice wraps up at the headquarter of XCMG

XUZHOU, China, Aug. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On 5th August, the highly-anticipated 7th XCMG Apprentice was brought to a close. At the closing conference, Wang Min, the chairman of XCMG, said: "XCMG has devoted itself to exploring engineering technology by joining hands with global youths and boosting global engineering construction." Through this campaign, XCMG has enlarged its circles of friends. 

Time Traveler is the theme of this year's campaign. Apprentices from five areas rose to XCMG's challenges and showcased their distinctive strengthens. Each team reaped its memorable experiences during this campaign, which provides a platform for apprentices to get closer to an internationalized XCMG. 

Team globe (China) is expert in intelligent manufacturing, who overcame challenges such as forklift shooting with the help of XCMG's technical experts. At the XCMG Hoisting Machinery Business Division, the impressive performance of lifting the XCA60E all-terrain crane using the XCA1800 crane was put on. XCMG's 5G-powered all-terrain cranes take the lead in the industry.

When it comes to construction strength, Team South America (Brazil) comes first on the list. Guided by technicians and farmers, the team was challenged to show the word "XCMG 80" on the water cellar. The proficiency in construction skills is beyond the imagination. More surprisingly, those creative apprentices painted on XCMG loaders with Brazilian cultural elements excellently combined. Team South Asia (India) experienced a challenge of finishing a puzzle, which tested operation skills and patience. The three apprentices went all out finding all fragments of an XCMG logo for the 80th anniversary and assembled those fragments within 30 minutes. They beamed with bright smiles when they made it. If you visited XCMG, its R&D center must be on your schedule. Team Europe (Germany) got closer to XCMG's intelligent system as recommended. Plus, they put on "new outfits" for XCMG's innovative products by blending Chinese and German cultural elements. A beautiful encounter between cultural aesthetics and machinery powerhouse! The last protagonist was Team Southeast Asia (Thailand), who experienced how to promote XCMG's products during a live streaming. A real marketing experience in introducing XCMG products to the world!

"XCMG Time Traveler" shoulders our determination to stay at the forefront of technology and our hope to spark more creativity and innovation with machinery enthusiasts. A new story of XCMG Apprentice is on the agenda. 

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