Gift sales soar on JDDJ as the Qixi Festival arrives

  • Sales of flowers and makeup kits up 60% and 113% week-on-week, respectively.
  • On-demand retail can be a "life saver" for those who are too busy, or just less prepared choosing a gift.

SHANGHAI, Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Tis the season for lovers in China, as this year's Qixi – known as the Chinese equivalent of Valentine's Day, falls on August 4. JDDJ, the on-demand retail platform operated by Dada Group (Nasdaq: DADA), provides a perspective through what consumers are buying to observe how the Chinese people celebrate this special day.

Gift sales soar on JDDJ as the Qixi Festival arrives

A Dada rider is taking an order at a shop of Sephora.

As this year's Qixi coincides with a regular work day, some may be too busy at work to prepare a gift in time for his or her special one. JDDJ can be a life saver as consumers' online orders can be fulfilled within an hour.

Data on JDDJ and Shop Now from last week shows, sales of fresh flowers increased by 63% compared to the previous week. But flower is not the only product category on the lovers' shopping list – cosmetics, skincare, as well as consumer electronics are among the bestsellers for Qixi gifts. Sales of makeup kits and perfumes achieved a growth of 113% and 63% week-on-week, respectively. The festival is also driving sales of those products with a higher price tag – the watch sales, for instance, have leapt almost fivefold.

Another interesting finding from the data is that couples may prefer staying home over dining out this year, as pre-made food sales last week were surprisingly 10 times higher than the week before. But couples in long-distance relationship who cannot eat together this year are also leveraging on-demand retail to show their care and love, as JDDJ sees an eminent surge in the number of orders placed in one city but to be delivered in another.


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