Pawaii rolls out the Pawaii Magic Bow, a set of multifunctional bowls

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- As loving pet owners, it is always a top priority to select the best dog bowls for your furry family members. In order to solve the selection dilemma of the vast dog owners, Pawaii rolls out a set of multifunctional bowls, which is called the Pawaii Magic Bowl. 

Pawaii rolls out the Pawaii Magic Bow, a set of multifunctional bowls

How many options of dog bowls do you know on the market? From material to function, there are a lot of dog bowls, like plastic dog bowls, ceramic bowls, etc. Many dog owners wasted a large amount of time when it comes to choosing the best dog bowls for their loved dogs. However, the cheaper plastic bowls are easily stained with oil and are not bite-resistant while the easy-to-clean ceramic bowls will easily scratch your dogs when broken into pieces. Besides the plastic bowls and the ceramic bowls, there are slow feeders for preventing dogs from eating too fast, elevated bowls for giving an enjoyable eating experience when dogs lower their heads to eat food and  intelligent bowls with weighing and remote control functions. The dog bowls are being upgraded at a higher speed, which always gives dog owners an illusion that dogs live a better life than them.

This Pawaii Magic Bowl is designed to accompany your dog for his/her whole life, just like we human beings. This bowl integrates four functions including double bowls, slow feeding, an elevated dog bowl and thermal insulation.

For puppies, you can separate the bowls into a main bowl and a base bowl, one for drinking, and the other for feeding, which achieves dry-wet separation.

If your dog eats too much and too fast, you can add the slow feeder insert on the dog bowl, which can help prevent digestive problems.

As dogs get older or there is problems on forelimbs or joints, the double bowls can be stacked together to form the elevated dog bowl, thereby giving your dog a comfortable eating experience.

In summer, you can add ice cubes to the main bowl and in winter, you can fill the main bowl with hot water. Accordingly, the dog bowls can keep cold or warm to ensure the optimal feeding temperature.

Moreover, this magic bowl is provided with food-grade stainless steel inner bowls and anti-slip silicone bases. With a split design, the stainless steel bowls can be washed by a dishwasher. In a word, Pawaii has taken everything into consideration when it comes to eating and drinking of medium and large dogs.

As a new design brand in the pet industry, Pawaii is committed to breaking human-pet interaction barriers by fashionable, quality and intelligent products, and brings warmth and innovation to every pet family. Therefore, each Pawaii product not only integrates multiple functions, but attaches more importance to user experiences like an attractive design, a simple-to-use experience and data-driven individualized service, making pets live a relaxed and joyful life.

There are so many options of dog bowls in style and size nowadays. On behalf of your pet's health, find the right dog bowl for your pet, providing years of healthy eating. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

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