Timeless Indulgence: The St. Regis Qingdao Kicks Off Three-day First Anniversary Celebrations

QINGDAO, China, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The St. Regis Qingdao will hold a series of celebrations on the occasion of its first glorious anniversary. One year ago, the inauguration of The St. Regis Qingdao marked a new era in the rapidly evolving luxury hospitality sector of this panoramic city. For the past year, the St. Regis Qingdao has become a famous social place highly esteemed by luminaries from all walks of life in the city. It has also become a new landmark of Qingdao tourism and has been awfully attractive to visitors from all over the country. By virtue of its century-old brand and impeccable services like the professional St. Regis Butler Service, exquisite space design, exceptional dining options, and thoughtful SPA service, The St. Regis Qingdao has created a unique moment for each and every guest.

Timeless Indulgence: The St. Regis Qingdao Kicks Off Three-day First Anniversary Celebrations

The St. Regis Qingdao

Like the dazzling jade polished from rough stone, The St. Regis Qingdao radiates delicacy and exquisite. The first anniversary is its highlight moment and the beginning of a new journey. The St. Regis Qingdao sincerely invites luminaries from all walks of life to witness the splendid moment of its first anniversary.

Violet Hour

Inspired by the violet hour first appeared in The Hour: A Cocktail Manifesto by Bernard DeVoto, an American essayist, The St. Regis Bar notably created the iconic ritual to witness the romantic transition from day to night, inviting all guests to raise their glasses and welcome the infinite possibilities of the night. The St. Regis Bar Qingdao is among the first St. Regis bars to present the "Violet Hour" ritual in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our friends from the media have strongly supported our first-anniversary celebrations. . We hereby sincerely invite all friends from the media to gather at The St. Regis Bar on the 60th floor of  The St. Regis Qingdao. Let's gather above the clouds and enjoy the romantic "Violet Hour". All friends from the media are invited to witness the glamour of The St. Regis Qingdao with the chief bartender on the coast of the city at sunset.

Yan Ting Wine Dinner * LongDai Winery

Located on the 5th floor of  Yan Ting is a Chinese Restaurant presenting immersive grand banquets for luminaries. At the beginning of its design, the Restaurant integrated many Chinese traditional elements and local characteristics of Qingdao, aiming to offer an extraordinary dining experience with an elegant "new Chinese style" atmosphere.

On its first anniversary, The St. Regis Qingdao specially invited Leo Cao (Chinese Culinary Director Greater China, Marriott International) and Alex (the executive chef from Nanjing) to provide a tailored and unparalleled dinner for all guests jointly. Leo, a native of Guangzhou, has over 30 years of cuisine experience. He will present authentic Cantonese-style dishes to all diners with his superb skills and sticking to the original aspiration of food culture.

All the guests will gather at the Astor Ballroom atop mountains and beyond the sea and enjoy the delicacies. On that evening, reserved wines from local wineries and Domaine de Longdai will be presented. The vintage wines, delicacies, and dazzling lights will always linger in our memories for years to come.

The Carvery Champagne Dinner * Perrier Jouet

The Carvery, as a tribute to the New York Steakhouse, is located on the 60th floor and decorated in a classic style. Thanks to the open kitchen, guests can appreciate the culinary craftsmanship at close quarters. The Carvery intends to offer guests an unforgettable experience above the clouds and leave them a beautiful memory with keen attention to detail. Over the past year, The Carvery has cherished long-awaited reunions, exciting encounters, and sincere communication. Be it the joy of reunions or the romance of encounters, The Carvery is the perfect backdrop to your wonderful story.

On the prelude night of its first anniversary, The St. Regis Qingdao will invite guests to savor the authentic steak at The Carvery. Tim, the Executive Chef of The Carvery, will work with Chef Davide, who has traveled worldwide and worked in several Michelin restaurants, to make exquisite delicacies. With excellent cuisine by the masters and bubbles of the Perrier Jouet together, diners will appreciate the delicate flavors and enjoy them extraordinarily.

A Tipsy Night of Cocktails

When the day draws to a close and the evening lights are lit, all guests can go to The St. Regis Bar to feel its sophisticated resplendence reminiscent of the Gilded Age. The burgundy red matches the champagne gold to show a calm and solemn style, which blends perfectly with the city's charming and romantic night scene. A variety of rare vintage wines, handcrafted cocktails, and Qingdao local speciality beers will be served here. Besides, Bloody Mary, a classic cocktail of The St. Regis Qingdao, will also be presented innovatively.

As part of the celebrations of the first anniversary of The St. Regis Qingdao, The St. Regis Bar will join hands with Hope & Sesame, one of the "Top 50 Bars in Asia", inputting infinite imagination into beverages. Kevin (an experienced and award-winning bartender) and Tural (the "Mixologist of the Year" of Marriott Luxury's Bar) will devote all their enthusiasm to making a tipsy night at The St. Regis Qingdao to liven up the first anniversary. The two masters will make a special cocktail full of enthusiasm and blessings, and the cocktail will be presented for a limited time at the first anniversary of The St. Regis Qingdao.

Immersed here, guests will feel the legend of The St. Regis Bar and experience the classic masterpieces of bartenders while overlooking the city's brightly lit night view. All of these complement each other and make everything perfect. The pleasure of drinking has thus become "an inspirational journey about a tipsy feeling".

Afternoon Tea with Piano Duet

For the past year since The St. Regis Qingdao's opening, the afternoon tea at The St. Regis Qingdao has offered an exquisite and luxurious atmosphere with products of outstanding and consistent quality, and countless luminaries spent a splendid afternoon here above the clouds.

A hundred years ago in the Gilded Age of New York, Ms. Caroline Astor, mother of the founder of St. Regis, made the elegant afternoon tea an essential ritual for entertaining socialites, and it became a signature ritual of St. Regis ever after. Located in the sky lobby of The St. Regis Qingdao, the Drawing Room dwells amidst mountains and seas and lies off the historic sites and scenic spots in the city. The Drawing Room doubles as a rare social space high in the clouds and an ideal venue for a magnificent view and afternoon tea. The St. Regis Qingdao invites all guests to enjoy the classic Caroline afternoon tea above the clouds, appreciate the tradition of St. Regis, and spend a joyful afternoon.

On its first anniversary, The St. Regis Qingdao will invite Pol, a patisserie master, and Calvin, the executive chef of The St. Regis Qingdao Bakery, to present an ingenious afternoon tea set. Mr. Pol comes from Barcelona and has been under the guidance of a world-class Michelin dessert master. He has served in many Michelin star-level restaurants, famous dessert shops, and luxury hotel bakeries in France and Spain. Besides, Chef Calvin is familiar to guests and has won various international awards. Leaning against the window and overlooking the scenery, guests can get together happily and spend romantic afternoon tea time created jointly by the two dessert masters.

Birthday Dinner * Black Time Event - by Invitation

For its anniversary celebration, a selection of luminaries and distinguished guests will be invited to gather in the Caroline Meeting Room. They will surely spend a memorable night, sharing the delicious food and enjoying the moment's joy above the clouds.

The St. Regis Qingdao hopes to express thanks to all guests, friends of the media, and luminaries from all walks of life for your support of the first-anniversary celebrations. The first anniversary radiates with eternity. We sincerely invite you to join us to testify to the one-year growth of The St. Regis Qingdao and witness the commencement of a bright future together.

Brunch at The St. Regis Qingdao

The grand Astor Ballroom covering an area of more than 900 square meters, is the best option in the city to hold all kinds of celebrations and business meetings. With its long history, a series of iconic rituals, and unique design, the Astor Ballroom is full of an exquisite atmosphere of celebration.

In the morning in the city, you might as well start hard-won slow urban life with a brunch. At The St. Regis Qingdao, brunch is turned into an unparalleled "global food theater". During the anniversary activities, all the guests and chefs will gather to show their creativity. Besides, Turkish restaurant Istanbul, Italian restaurant Ciao, and Japanese Restaurant Kurogi, all of which are popular in Qingdao, are invited by The St. Regis Qingdao, and their chefs will also join the blast with their signature delicacies and collection of wines.

On the occasion of its first anniversary, The St. Regis Qingdao invites guests to let their imaginations about taste buds run wild at the hotel.

Refill Yoga * Mindful Valley

The nearly 270-square-meter presidential suite has always been one of the masterpieces of The St. Regis Qingdao guest rooms. As an iconic decorative element of The St. Regis brand, the crystal lamp romantically echoes the blue sky outside the window, making the big and exquisitely-designed guestroom above the clouds even more elegant. For the first anniversary activities, The St. Regis Qingdao turns the presidential suite into a "yoga space above the clouds".

The St. Regis Qingdao joins hands with Mindful Valley to offer a full range of deep physical and spiritual healing services in the refined atmosphere, letting our guests explore new inspirations with Himalayan singing bowls. The two-hour healing yoga activity will guide our guests to rejuvenate their body and soul in a graceful mood by the sea of clouds through various programs like kundalini practice, guided meditation in both Chinese and English, deep healing with the crystal singing bowl, etc.

In the past year, The St. Regis brand, with its one-hundred-year history, was vividly interpreted in the Astor Ballroom in the city. It also inherited its splendid traditional rituals with luminaries from all fields. Now, after a year of polishing, The St. Regis Qingdao has set sail and headed for the depths of the sea and is embracing an unlimited future. Above the clouds, The St. Regis Qingdao is speeding across the waves. Luxurious and comfortable, the Astor Ballroom in the city will forever radiate with eternality. The first anniversary radiates with eternity.

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