Bedsure's New All-Inclusive Deals Eases College Move-in with Best Value

DIAMOND BAR, Calif., July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- With Bedsure's all-new Back-To-School event kicking off in June, Bedsure and its lines of cozy products are helping hundreds of thousands of incoming and returning dorm residents to turn their dorms into a cozy den. Bedsure's Back-To-School offers provide students with the coziest beddings with great value, including the Bedsure Dorm Room Essential Bundles.

While college life can be a significant milestone for some, it is also one of the biggest financial burdens for many. This is because the total cost of college goes beyond the tuition and can easily stretch into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"Considering student loan interest and loss of income, the ultimate cost of a bachelor's degree can exceed $400,000," quoting the Education Data Initiative.

The financial burdens that are associated with college have skyrocketed in recent years, and the situation has been deeply worsen due to the impact of the pandemic and the rising inflation.

Bedsure, a global leading home textile manufacturer with over 18 million cozy customers served to date, is doing its part to help incoming and returning residents get cozy and turn their dorm into a cozy den by introducing college-budget friendly premium and high-quality TWIN XL-sized beddings at an affordable price to the market.

Noteworthily, Bedsure is passing off the profit from its sales to college-aged customers with deeply discounted products. The move allows customers to purchase cozy college dorm beddings at cost and will reduce the financial burdens a college student or their parents will face to get cozy in college, taking some burdens off the shoulders of hardworking parents and students.

The sales made available by Bedsure include the comprehensive college dorm essential bundles in Twin XL size with savings up to 30% off and standalone products that are made available with even bigger discounts.

Bedsure Dorm Room Essential Bundles

Bedsure's cozy Back-to-School dorm room essential bundles serve as a one-stop-shop solution to provide returning and incoming college residents with a cozy dorm space. Starting at just $99.99 before applicable discounts, the bundles come with a saving of up to 29% compared to separate items. The price tag allows incoming and returning dorm residents to completely style up their bare or beat-up dorm room with added style and comfort.

Bedsure recognizes that bedding-shopping for college can be extremely time-consuming, especially for first-timers. While there are various bedding options on the market today, few are tailored for college students, and no one provides coziness with a college-friendly budget as Bedsure does.

With the event, Bedsure has released several college dorm-friendly bundles that provide comprehensive coziness with just one check-out, including the basic Bedsure Dorm Room Essential Bundle, the stylish Bedsure Dorm Room Artisan Bundle, the comprehensive Bedsure Dorm Room Premium Bundle that provides comfort and coziness year-round, and more.

Bedsure Dorm Room Essential Bundle, Bedsure's most affordable dorm room essential bundle, is available for just $99.99 and comprehensively includes a nine-piece offering that covers everything an incoming freshman needs to turn their bare dorm into a cozy den.

The offer covers a six-piece Bed-in-A-Bag, two Bedsure Hotel Pillows, and a Bedsure Quilted Mattress Pad is over 29% more affordable than separate purchases, and a never-seen-before deal across the internet. The one-time purchase comes with everything one needs to start the first night and the nights to come at an empty dorm.

Bedsure Dorm Room Premium Bundle is Bedsure's thirteen-piece deluxe college dorm room bundle offering designed to provide students with unmatched year-round coziness, including a summer cooling sheet set and a cozy winter blanket.

The included Bedsure 100% Viscose from Bamboo Sheet Set gives sleepers with thermoregulated and breathable sleeping experience and is ideal for night sweaters and hot sleepers. The extra Bedsure Flannel Fleece Blanket is one of Bedsure's most popular and most original coziness providers that is versatile for various settings and a must-have for new dorm residents.

The deluxe Bedsure Dorm Room Premium Bundle costs $159.99. The thirteen-piece bundle is being offered as a one-time purchase option to give college residents the year-round coziness of home on campus.

Additional college-appropriate bundles and products are available at Bedsure's official storefront. With the stronger than ever lineup for college students made available, Bedsure is committed to providing all college customers with comprehensive coziness and good rest with extra convenience.

Bedsure's full back-to-school catalog can be viewed at:

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