With employee job vacancies in the blue-collared workforce becoming a cause of concern for Singapore enterprises, this handbook provides technology solutions that can be leveraged by Singapore enterprises to attract, hire, engage and retain the Non-PMET workforce and thereby focus on increasing workforce productivity.

SINGAPORE, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- To help Singapore enterprises in their twin efforts of reducing blue-collar labor vacancies while increasing workforce productivity, hrtech.sg has released a comprehensive handbook titled  "Leveraging Technology for Attracting, Engaging and Retaining the NON-PMET workforce". This handbook is now available for free download by businesses across industry segments through this link: https://bit.ly/nonpmet-handbook.

Compiled by hrtech.sg after extensive research spanning over a wide variety of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) employers and non-professionals, managers, executives, and technicians (non-PMET) employees, the handbook comes at a time when companies are struggling to attract and retain the blue-collar workforce. In fact, as per 2022 market statistics, 48.9% of job vacancies for non-PMET roles remained unfilled for six months or more.

The handbook features 13 essential HR technology tools that can be leveraged across the employee lifecycle and showcases case studies of Singapore SMEs in the F&B, Electronics & Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Retail segments that have innovated and also leveraged technology in managing their blue-collar workforce.

"This handbook is meant for both the HR teams and Business Owners that are keen to leverage best-in-class technology solutions to allow their workforce to build their digital skill sets and deliver higher-value work to enhance productivity", says Sriram Iyer, Founder & CEO, hrtech.sg.

The handbook also features 7 best-in-class HR technology product providers to help enterprises in attracting, hiring, engaging and retaining their non-PMET workforce. These include FastGig (Talent Marketplace), Grabjobs (Recruitment Automation Platform), and Multiplier (Global Employment Platform) in the Recruitment & Onboarding category; Beekeeper (Employee Communication) in the Employee Engagement category; ArcLab (Upskilling & Reskilling Platform) in the Learning & Development category, GetPaid (Earned Wage Access) in the Compensations & Benefits category; and Tapplent in the All-in-One HRMS category.

About hrtech.sg

hrtech.sg is a Singapore-headquartered HRTech Market Development and Analyst firm, striving to create the greatest value for enterprise clients by matching the right HRTech solutions to address their business and talent challenges. hrtech.sg also hosts Singapore's largest and curated HR Technology Marketplace with the presence of around 150 best-in-class technology providers servicing the Singapore talent market. For more details: www.hrtech.sg

For more information about this press release please contact Sriram Iyer (+6590251164, sriram@hrtech.sg) or Swechha Mohapatra (+6590996205, swechha@hrtech.sg)

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