Duhome's New Warehouse Complete in MI to Boost Delivery in USA

TAYLOR, Mich., July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Entering its 10th year in business, Duhome, an international furniture brand, is adding to its existing footprint in United States with the opening of a second 120,000 sq ft warehouse in MI, in addition to the former 58,000 sq ft warehouse in City of Industry, CA. Strategically located in 21010 Trolley Industrial Drive Taylor, MI, the new warehouse is only about 10 hours from the pickup location - New York port, IL. The company invested thousands of dollars in the brand-new warehouse for faster delivery to any location in Central and Eastern USA, allowing customers to benefit from shorter turnaround times.

Startup of Newly Built Warehouse in MI

Duhome has grown along with its customers to become one of the most-recognized furniture brands in the global market. Constantly growing demand from Duhome's customers across the whole country made the second warehouse expansion an absolute must. In response to increasing market demand for enhanced delivery, construction work for the new warehouse in MI began in January 20th, 2021 and all work has been complete in a few months. With new improvement and optimized logistics collaboration in the recent months in 2022, Duhome warehouse system are now up and running smoothly, and operations at the new warehouse are already in full swing.

Help Increase Efficiency of Deliveries for Customers

After months of construction, the expanded warehouse in MI becomes an ideally-equipped place for storing up to 100-120pcs 40-foot containers and serves as a distribution hub for a variety of Duhome furniture to surrounding region, including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc., while ensuring adequate stock-holding for efficient deliveries. Employees at the newly built warehouse are responsible for regular goods acceptance, packing, repacking, order picking, quality control and returning.

A further advantage of the location is its easy access to various shipping methods and tight connection to the central America and east coast - which greatly reduces lead times, creates efficiencies and allows for future business growth by being closer to terminal customers. With this latest expansion, Duhome goes one step further to provide customers with the assurance to get their beloved furniture in 2-5 days generally.

The second warehouse in MI is designed with up to 16 loading docks and 28 feet high ceilings for easy movement of truck, and also accommodates 100-120pcs 40-foot containers on a 120,000 sq ft of floor space. Divided into 3 sections separated by firewalls, the warehouse guarantees the highest safety standards and protection. And an advanced air-conditioning and climate control system is also available to keep all stock maintained at the perfect temperatures and in peak condition. Thus, Duhome customers could receive the furniture in the best condition and in the most efficient way.

"It's been a team effort to make the opening of our new warehouse possible," said CEO of Duhome, Mr. Du. "We're thrilled to see Duhome continues to grow, and the expansion to a second warehouse is a good result of incredible continuous growth in our business and brand awareness."

About Duhome:

For more than ten years, Duhome has been striving to offer an assortment of modern furniture designed to complement home lifestyles across the world. Early on, Duhome established the headquarter in Germany with a local warehouse. And today with two warehouses in both east and west coast in USA, the company now expands at a faster pace and offers a vast warehouse space worldwide.

It is one of the most crucial steps in Duhome's history for new businesses to proper and flourish. Not only will the expansion underscore Duhome's commitment to support the marketing needs and customer satisfaction, it will also give the company an ample room to grow offerings in the globe market. This is an investment for the future. With the newly expanded warehouse in MI and advanced warehousing facility therein, the company will be perfectly positioned for further growth in a highly dynamic market by offering customers the optimized solution at all times.

For further information on Duhome, please visit: https://www.duhome.com/.

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