Men's Innerwear Brand DAVID ARCHY Celebrates its Ten-Year Anniversary

NEW YORK, July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Men's innerwear brand DAVID ARCHY celebrates its ten years of dedication to first-class craftsmanship and premium quality in creating men's underwear and comfort wear that combines minimalist styles with supreme comfort.  Driven by its vision to deliver an unparalleled wearing experience, the brand attaches great importance to detail and materials, developing innovative designs with superior fit and quality that meet the diverse needs of its customers.

"This ten-year journey has seen us hitting a series of milestones, traveling from a humble start to becoming an apparel specialist whose reputation represents high-quality, comfort, durability, and reassurance. Our attention to detail, coupled with a focus on function, can be felt at the first touch of our products, the delightful softness of luxurious fabrics woven with state-of-the-art knitting technology to create an immediate sense of intimacy when brushing against your skin. We believe these elements, alongside the care going into every facet of our ergonomic designs, highlight the masculine beauty and give men full confidence when they are getting on with their daily lives," said Victor Yan, CEO of DAVID ARCHY.

DAVID ARCHY understands that the unique sensation of being wrapped in a velvety-soft garment made from high-quality and organic fabrics gives an added sense of satisfaction throughout the day. Hence, material selection sits at the forefront of its product development, which has enabled DAVID ARCHY to craft the natural and technical into products that feel like a second skin that breathes and moves with the wearer.

Men's Innerwear Brand DAVID ARCHY Celebrates its Ten-Year Anniversary

DAVID ARCHY Quick Dry Sports Underwear

The brand uses Micro Modal fibers, Bamboo Rayon fibers, and antibromic tech to strengthen the underwear's antibacterial properties, as well as offer extra softness, breathability, and stretchability. The Quick Dry series is made from moisture-wicking fabrics, combined with OsmoHive® tech that can quickly pull sweat and moisture away from the skin to the fabrics' surface and thus allow for constantly dry and refreshing comfort.

In addition to the usage of OsmoHive® technology which can evaporate sweat quickly by honeycomb duct, exhale the moisture instantly and keep skin dry and not sticky, DAVID ARCHY's unrelenting attention to detail also extends to the design of its underwear structure. Integrated with its patented 3D pouch, the brand's underwear offers maximum protection to the male's private parts while its precise and meticulous tailoring provides a perfect fit for every customer.

DAVID ARCHY's long-standing commitment to creating premium apparel for men has enabled it to achieve enormous commercial success, with its product categories spanning underwear, undershirt, sleepwear, thermal, robe, and socks. Since 2016, DAVID ARCHY has been named the "Best Seller" of Amazon and is ranked one of the top 10 third-party apparel retailers on the platform. In 2021, DAVID ARCHY's apparel is selected by NBC as the best underwear for men and Forbes as the best pajamas.

DAVID ARCHY Design Director Jimmy Xu said, "A better lifestyle comes with the improvement on every small detail in life, and at DAVID ARCHY, in our endeavor to refine every detail of our products, we hope to bring a quality lifestyle to all of our customers."

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