Dada Group's 618 Grand Promotion: over RMB600 million recorded in peak-day sales

SHANGHAI, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Dada Group (Nasdaq: DADA), China's leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform, today announced its business highlights during the 618 Grand Promotion – a major mid-year online shopping festival in China, reporting its single-day transaction volume achieved a record high of over RMB600 million on June 18.

Customer reach up fivefold

Data on JDDJ and Shop Now from May 31, 8p.m. to June 18 during this year's 618 Grand Promotion shows the sales on both platforms increased by 77% year-on-year, and the single-day transaction volume on the peak day of June 18 outran RMB600 million, breaking the record of single-day sales. In terms of customer reach, number of consumers buying through Shop Now this year during the promotion increased by over 400% compared to the same period last year. And the average time for delivery per order was shortened by 4 minutes.

Behind the numbers is the company's solid supply chain that guaranteed the fulfillment. During this year's promotion, JDDJ and Shop Now engaged over 1,500,000 brick-and-mortar stores across over 1,700 cities and counties in China to provide consumers with products of all categories and a faster and more convenient shopping experience, making on-demand retail a key driver for offline retailers and brands' omni-channel growth.

Order volume hit new high

Dada Group's other major business, on-demand delivery platform Dada Now achieved new business records as well. Data shows riders of Dada Now delivered more than 10 million orders on June 18 and continued to outnumber the banner of 10 million on June 19.

Highlights in terms of category performance are also worthy of note: during the promotion, the number of orders delivered from chained tea merchants increased by 123% year-on-year; delivery timeliness continued to improve with only 16 minutes needed in average to deliver a pharmaceutical order; small and medium-sized merchants' order volume increased by 83% compared to the same period last year.

On the technology front, Dada Group leveraged the Dada Smart Delivery SaaS System and its autonomous delivery open platform to support the promotion, demonstrating great potentials in empowering on-demand fulfillment with digitization and innovation.

On the picking service front, the number of crowdsourced pickers recruited by Dada Picking exceeded 50,000, and the average order picking volume by day increased by 264% year-on-year.


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